"Whoever You Thought You Were ...

You're A Jew!"



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I'm sorry to tell you, but "Whoever You Thought You Were ... You're A Jew!" is only available in Japanese!

Strange, is it not?

The book was completed in 1994, and I had 100 copies printed at my own expense. First I sent them to (American) publishers, but none were interested.

The religious publishers rejected it because it didn't favor their church enough (it favors about 9 religions equally).

And the secular publishers didn't want it because it is "religious".

All 100 copies are gone now, and the book remains unpublished in America.

There is, thank God, one man in the world who not only liked the book, but who made it part of his own teachings.

This man is Dr. Prof. Hisatoki Komaki, the founder of the Komaki Peace Foundation, and of the Earth Environment University Roundtable (EEUR). This is an organization of some 200 professors and chancellors of American and Japanese Universities, united by a common interest in world peace through spirituality.

Prof. Komaki was himself a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and the Honorary Chairman of his organization was -- up to the time of his recent death -- the double Nobel laureate, Prof. Linus Pauling.

Komaki also counts 80 other Nobel laureates among his members.

Prof. Komaki read my entire book in a single day, and began using parts of it in his own EEUR classes. What a joyous turn of events for me, after having sent out 100 copies in vain!

Subsequently, Prof. Komaki passed the book on to his friend and colleague Dr. Prof. Junichi Nakayama, a scholar who was proficient in both the Hebrew and English languages. Prof. Nakayama wrote me, announcing that he was going to translate my book into Japanese, and publish it in Japan!

I didn't believe him.

But then, he began writing letters -- extraordinary letters. In them, he pointed out errors in my manuscript. These errors included English grammatical errors, which I should have picked up myself, since I'm the English-speaker. But I didn't! I missed them, and Prof. Nakayama found them!

Then he corrected errors of fact in my histories. Much of the Western history I discussed in the book was based upon obscure facts which are little-known even here in the West. But Prof. Nakayama seemed to know them all! He corrected me about events, dates, and even the spelling of the name of a relatively unknown American author.

I was continually amazed at the scope and depth of his scholarship.

Still, I didn't believe that he would ever finish the project. I didn't believe it until I received, in the mail, a copy of a beautifully-bound book, which was 100% in the Japanese language, of which I know fewer than 10 characters. I would not have even been able to identify the book, except that I recognized my picture on the inside of the front cover!

And then he died. What a loss! I miss him as if he was a close friend, yet I never met him, and I never even spoke to him by telephone.

In a world in which people almost never give anything away, Prof. Nakayama gave me two years of his life. And now he's gone, and I have no way to repay him!

Addendum: I have just learned that, upon his death, Prof. Nakayama received an Imperial Award for his lifetime literary achievements, and for his work toward world peace.


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The book, "Whoever You Thought You Were ... You're A Jew!", is therefore available only in Japanese, but not English. Strange, is it not?

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 I do not make any money on the Japanese Edition of this book! All the proceeds go to the family of Prof. Nakayama, who spent the last two years of his life doing this translation.