The above symbol shows that the historical relationship between the three western monotheistic faiths is not linear, but circular. Each one led inevitably to the next, and the last is entirely dependent upon the ongoing fulfillment of the prophecies of the first, now and forever. This completes the circle.

These three faiths each emphasize rules of daily living, almost to the exclusion of the mystical aspects of religion. Adherents of the faiths have therefore developed mystical sects, which endeavor to bring their followers into direct contact with God. This may be protrayed graphically:

In contrast, the religions of the Orient have tended to dwell extensively on the pathway to direct experience of God, a state they describe by various different names such as "Enlightenment". If, as a graphic expedient, we use the Yin Yang symbol to represent them all, then we have the complete relationship between East and West, for believers:




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