The Ark of Salvation



The Golden Rule...


...Your Only Defense Against the Coming
World Banking Dictatorship



How would you like to receive all the good things of the world, free of charge?

That would certainly end all danger of falling prey to a World Banking Dictatorship, would it not?

Is such a thing possible? Ask a millionaire, and he'll answer with an emphatic "No!"

But God says it is possible, through Him. He makes it possible through His Golden Rule.

This rule, universally regarded as the supreme law of all mankind, and of all religions, is generally written "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you".

I shall now reveal to you a most subtle truth. When you see how simple it is, you won't know whether to laugh or cry.

According to this Rule, if you want to receive from everybody, free of charge, all you've got to do is give to everybody, free of charge.

Does this sound ridiculous, or too good to be true? It's neither. It's a sure thing, provided that you remember Who it was who commanded it.

In order for you to receive goods, there has to be a giver. A moment's reflection will reveal to you that nobody is always the "giver"; nor is anybody always the "receiver". Whenever anybody gives anything there must be a receiver, and later the roles can be reversed.

In other words, the giver and receiver are the same person, who, at one time will be found to be giving, and later may be receiving.

I said, at the outset, that you could receive goods free of charge. How? According to the Golden Rule:

If you are to receive goods free of charge, than you've got to treat the "giver" exactly as you want him to treat you.


Then, according to the Rule:

You must reciprocate by giving out your goods free of charge.


That's all there is to it! Everyone in the world gives at times, and receives at times. If, when you give, you demand a cash payment in return, then you will never receive anything unless you pay the price. It will always be the most painfully high price the market can bear. That's the wicked economic order of this world since it began.

But if, when you give, you ask nothing in return, then when you receive, no one will ask anything of you. That's the blessed way of God's Kingdom.

Can God's way exist down here? The LORD's Prayer says "Thy Kingdom Come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven". If the time is ever to come when the LORD's Kingdom is established on earth, then between now and then, you must change. You must begin to give whatever you have to give, without demanding a cash payment in return, or else who will give anything to you?

I suspect that you will need more evidence before you accept the truth of what I am saying. Of the many evidences I've seen, nothing drives home the point better than -- of all things -- advertising.


How the Golden Rule is proven by



The Golden Rule requires that you give others what you want for yourself. And what you want for youself is:  to get something for nothing.

Do you deny this? Then think about all the countless thousands and thousands of advertisements you've had thrust in your face since you were old enough to watch TV or read a newspaper. What do they all have in common?

Answer: They all promise "something for nothing".

I find that people do not like to think of themselves in this way, and many will protest when it is suggested that they want "something for nothing". Consequently this point can be difficult to drive home. Here, then, are three very common examples, to help illustrate the point.


Advertisement Type 1:

"Buy one -- get one free!"


In this most basic form, the ad speaks for itself. It's offering "something for nothing" in the plainest English: "Buy one -- get one free!" Obviously, you're getting the second item for nothing.

Recently, my local supermarket advertised "Buy one -- get two free!". People came in droves!

The inevitable success of such ads shows conclusively that people want to get high-quality goods for free. How can you get more high-quality goods for free? Simple. By starting to give others your goods "for free".

When everybody begins to give all they have of value, for free, then they will receive likewise. The world will turn into an economic paradise! But you've got to believe, and, above all, you must recognize Who it was who commanded the Golden Rule, otherwise your world will fail.


Advertisement Type 2:

"Low, low prices!"


You might say nothing is being offered for free in this second variety of ad, but think again. If we are to presume (as the advertiser wants us to presume) that the item in question is a high-quality item identical or comparable to the competition's item, then the "low, low price" means you're only paying for part of the item!

If the competition charges, say, $10, and our advertiser only charges $5, then, in effect, you only paid for half the item. The other half was free!

People respond strongly to these ads, and they run all the time. Evidently, people want "something for nothing". How to get more? Start giving!

And when I say "start giving", I don't mean in the spirit of "charity", which might mean, for example, amassing a fortune and giving back 15% for a "tax write-off". I'm talking about giving everything -- 100%. If you want to receive everything the world has to offer, you've got to do likewise, and give everything you have to offer.


Advertisement Type 3:

"Our product guaranteed the best!"


Again, this might not look -- at first glance -- like "something for nothing", but think about it a bit and you'll see that it indeed is.

For what this advertiser is saying is that -- for the same price the competition charges -- he'll give you a better product. It's really just like those promotional deals where the manufacturer sells a larger bag or bottle, advertising "25% extra" (for the same price). Here, instead of getting extra quantity -- for free, of course -- we're being offered extra quality.

The net result is the same. Whatever we're getting that is extra is free.

People respond strongly to these ads, just as they do to the other two types.

Can't you see that what people want is to get "something for nothing"?


What do we learn from advertising?


These examples from the world of advertising teach us that we all want to receive high-quality goods and services, but we don't want to pay. Does this make you uncomfortable?

If so, then listen to me: "I want to receive high-quality goods and services, and I don't want to pay".

There, I said it. And I'm not ashamed. After all, as a physician I've had to treat anyone in need, regardless of their ability to pay. I've been doing it for years. I've known all along that if everyone did the same thing, then everyone would have free medical care, and everything else free as well.

But people don't want to do this, because, deep down inside, in a place which is very ugly and can't be publicly shown or discussed, everyone wants to get rich. Then they can use their money to destroy their neighbors, rape their neighbor's wives, and enslave their neighbor's children.

I'll bet you won't admit to the accusation I just laid upon you. But you don't have to. What the world is, is testified to by the world's actions -- not by its words. Read your daily paper, and see for yourself what sort of a world you really live in.

When the Spirit of God finally falls upon the world, abundance will exist everywhere. The Golden Rule teaches us that the means whereby we shall get "something for nothing", shall be to give "something for nothing".


Not a "social program"


On the day that people decide to stop stealing from each other, but begin giving all their goods and services for free, the world will become FLOODED with goods and services, and the resulting abundance will be beyond imagination.

Can it work? Absolutely. PROVIDED that you never, for a moment, forget Whose commandment it was that you do this thing. This is not a "social program", an "economic experiment", or a new proposal for a "utopian community". It is a commandment from the LORD.

If you don't believe that, then my advice is "don't get involved", because tampering with the established social order, without the absolute certainty that you are in God's service in doing so, will lead to nothing but disaster.

Why do I say this? Because the Golden Rule is a corollary, or derivative, of the Torah Commandment to "love your neighbor as yourself". If you hate your neighbor -- both the literal neighbor living next door, as well as the ethnic neighbor living in the next country over -- then the cornucopia of abundance promised by God will never be realized -- at least not in your life.

Hating you neighbor is, after all, what you're already doing. It is said that insanity is "to do the same thing over and over, and yet to expect a different result". If you continue to hate your neighbor, how can you receive anything from him, other than death?

If you were to try to institute a program such as the above, with a heart filled with hatred, jealously, and resentment, then not only would you not receive abundance, but you would receive the opposite. God's commandment was to love your neighbor. For denying God, you will receive hell-on-earth: a permanent non-removable World Banking Dictatorship, within which you will be a lowly slave, doomed from birth to a lifetime of suffering.


How do I know I'm right?


I said that the Golden Rule was " the supreme law of all mankind, and of all religions". Where did I get this idea from? How do I know I'm right?

It's simple! Just about everyone -- everyone who's opinion is studied, that is -- has said it before me. That makes my job easy.

The following is merely a sampling of statements of the Golden Rule. Other examples may be found in the religious and philosopical writings of many of the world's nations.




Five-hundred years before Christ, a disciple of the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius, asked him:


"Is there any single saying that one can act upon all day and every day?" ...


This disciple was requesting, in effect, that his Master condense the essence of all his teachings into a single, all-encompassing principle. Confucius replied:


"Perhaps the saying about consideration: 'Never do to others what you would not like them to do to you' ". (Analects 15:23)


So Confucius is telling us that this rule, which we now call the Golden Rule, is the essence of all his teachings.

Confucian scholars tell us that the Golden Rule was the all-consuming passion of his entire life. In his major work alone, the Analects, it was repeated no less than three times (Analects 5:11, 12:2, and 15:23).




The writings of Hillel are supreme among Torah commentary. The Talmud (Shabbat 31a) reports that a heathen scoffer asked Hillel to teach him the entire Jewish Law "while standing on one foot", i.e. to condense it into a single principle. To this Hillel replied:


"Whatever is hateful to thee, do it not unto thy fellow: this is the whole Torah; the rest is commentary..."


Once again, the Golden Rule! And once again, it is declared to be the supreme principle, encompassing and superceding all others.

This saying of Hillel's has the effect of making the Golden Rule the ultimate statement of Jewish faith.




Jesus said, in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 8:12):


"All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. "


This is the Golden Rule in the form we are accustomed to hearing it. Note that all three of these commentators -- each one a towering figure in his own religious setting -- state that this Rule is the Supreme Rule of all, encompassing all others and standing above all of them.

That is why I know that the "financial" proposition I have set forth is from God, and not from me. That is also why I know that the plan will succeed, and will produce all the wealth I've spoken of -- provided that it is done in the spirit of submission to God's commandments, and not for sake of the goods to be had thereby.


God vs. Mammon


The essence of what the term "Messianic Era" means today is clear. Through the Golden Rule, we shall all be rich by eliminating money.

The idea is so simple, and so beautiful, and so powerful. Why has it escaped us until now?

The answer is that mankind has always chosen Money over God. It's time that we reversed this decision. It can be clearly seen now that money is not the source of our wealth, but the source of our poverty. The key to wealth is not to have money, but to eliminate it.


We showed earlier that Mankind has chosen Money over God since the creation of the world. The argument is sufficiently important that I shall repeat it here, for any who have not read it:


"When Moses went up the mountain, he came down and found the children of Israel bowing in 'reverence to' -- and behaving lewdly before -- a Golden Calf. Do you think that that's a coincidence? Or can you understand that it's been 'Gold vs. God' from the very beginning?"


"Repeatedly, throughout the Torah, Moses warned the children of Israel that when they entered into the Promised Land, and became prosperous, they would turn against the LORD. It would be 'Prosperity vs. God'. Yes, it is indeed 'all about the money'."


Yeshua (Jesus) said: No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (Matthew 6:24). It's all about the money.


Again, Yeshua said: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God (Matthew 19:23). It's all about the money.


His final word on the subject: If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. (Matthew 19:21). How many people do you know who have done that? Can you therefore tell the truth now, and admit that it is indeed -- and has been all along -- 'Money vs. God'?



The result of mankind's 6,000 year-old love affair with Money has been a double curse.

The first part of the curse is that we have created societies which revolve totally around Money. Our nation has become a "pyramid of greed".

Just as a pyramid of stone has a base and an apex... does a "pyramid of greed" have a base and an apex. The apex consists of the Money Lords who already rule 95% of your lives, which will soon be 100% if you do not act.

You cannot escape this fate by eliminating the apex of the pyramid, because it is like the tip of a blade of grass. When the lawn is mowed, a huge root system remains in the soil, and the tips of the blades of grass rapidly re-grow.

Similarly, if the apex of the "pyramid of greed" is lopped off, by eliminating monied elitists who are somehow identified as "the enemy", they will simply be replaced. Quickly!

And where do these replacements come from? Why, from you, of course. The pyramid is supported by its base, which is you. The collective greed of billions of human beings automatically gives rise to a societal "pyramid of greed", which has figurehead rulers at the top. The origin of their power to oppress you is you yourself. Each of us contributes his/her own small portion to the final result. You cannot cure a disease in the very roots of a lawn of grass by simply mowing off the top layer.

The only "cure" for this disease is to cure ourselves; we, the mass of Money-loving humanity which forms the base of the pyramid. When we correct ourselves, the evils at the apex will disappear, like storm clouds dispelled by the warm rays of the sun.


You've already "given up money" -- you just don't know it.


I said that you were under a double curse. The second part of the curse is that you have already forfeited all your real wealth to the elite Money interests at the apex of the "pyramid of greed". This subject is dealt with in great and painful detail elsewhere in this Web Site (see "Table of Contents" under "Money"). The following is a brief synopsis.

Every modern nation now has a British-style banking system, which means that all the real wealth of the nation has been progressively expropriated by those who love money the most; namely the men (and women) who rule over that banking system.

The first step is the seizure of all gold and silver, which has already been accomplished. In the United States, the gold was seized in 1933, and the silver in 1970. You have been fleeced.

What you have been left with is intrinsically worthless paper money, which today appears to have value, but it's still just paper. The minute people lose confidence in the paper, your "value" drops to zero. Believe it, because it has happened over and over again in other countries. Haven't you seen those awful pictures of Germans between the Wars, going to the grocery store with wheelbarrows full of devalued money, in the desperate hope that the proprietor would give a loaf of bread for a whole wheelbarrow of worthless paper? People never seem to learn from the past.

Even worse still is the undeniable fact that an elite segment of society has arisen from the wicked root of the Federal Reserve Bank. This elite has the "right" to create money, and lend it to you at interest. Your "rights"? You have the "right" to shut up, not complain, and to pay back the interest and principle on the "loan".

The money you borrowed (be it a loan, mortgage, and -- some say -- even such small transactions as credit card purchases) was created electronically, without anyone's labor. But in order for you to pay back the loan, you have to go out and work. If we acquiesce to this system, we deserve what the international bankers have in mind for us. Their plan presupposes that we're very, very stupid, and easily lead. Are we?

In the future -- perhaps the near future -- there will be a third part to this curse. This will be the final part, and it will be irreversible -- if we let it get to that point. This occurs when an open declaration is made, to the effect that there is now a single, one-world banking system in effect, and that all must conform to it. This system will be built around a global computer, which will assign to every man, woman and child on earth a "value" which they will have no control over. This is the "Mark of the Beast". One's entire life will be pre-determined at birth, and it will be horrible -- except for the 1-2% who sit at the apex of the pyramid. Don't let this happen!

There's only one way out of this predicament. If you say "no" to this way -- which I know you'll be sorely tempted to do -- then you will have condemned yourself to terrible suffering and oppression, which will last for a very long time.


The Golden Rule Is The Way Out


The Golden Rule is, and always has been the way out, but we never knew what it meant before. And what does it mean? It means that you provide all your goods and services without getting "paid". The common man, when he hears this, rebels against it. He does this for several reasons:


  1. The common man lives for one thing only: Money. Even if he knows he'll never have much, he clings frantically to the hope that it will somehow come his way. How can he give up this one "hope"?
  2. The common man rarely gives anything away for free, and he assumes that everyone else is just like him. He therefore cannot believe that any "Golden Rule" will ever prevail in this world.
  3. The common man presumes that anyone who follows our financial interpretation of the Golden Rule will wind up being the fool who provides goods and services free of charge, while everyone else simply sponges off him -- laughing at him all the while.
  4. The common man is far from convinced that any "God" has ever really manifested Himself in this world, and the fact that the Golden Rule has been proclaimed by all God's prophets as being the supreme law, encompassing and superceding all others, is therefore of no consequence to him.


People testify by their actions. I don't care what people say, I care what they do. And what do they do? Twice a week in New York State, millions line up to buy Lottery Tickets. Now that's testimony. To what does it testify?

The chances of winning the New York State Lottery are said to be 1-in-6,000,000. Therefore, those who buy these infernal things are telling you that:



This is the testimony, and there's no denying it. The preachings of all the ministers and Rabbis, from all the pulpits of the world, have changed nothing. Now, because people have, for 6,000 years, feared only Money, and lusted after only Money, and denied God continually, God is about to justly reward your "love" for His enemy, Money, with a 100,000-year World Bank Dictatorship -- a nightmare of your own creation. If you can somehow grasp that this is what is about to happen, and if you want to fight against it, know that the Golden Rule is the "secret" weapon which alone has the power to stop it.


The correct application of "The Golden Rule"
is that people should give up money


The Golden Rule is usually stated


"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."


I shall now show you that the correct application of "The Golden Rule" is that people should give up money. This is the "Ark of Salvation", and it will utterly destroy any plan for a world banking dictatorship.

I feel that I need to keep repeating this over-and-over again, because the idea is so foreign to most people that it slips by unnoticed when mention is made of it. I said "give up money". That means that you provide your goods and services whole-heartedly to all who are in need, and you DON'T GET "PAID". Sounds impossible? Not at all.

I shall now present some of the parts of this concept, in approximately the same order in which they were presented to me:


One Day Without Money


If everyone did exactly the same thing tomorrow that they're doing today -- only without any money changing hands -- then the world would turn for a whole day without money. Obviously, the uncountable and vast quantities of money -- the trillions of dollars which will change hands before the sun sets today -- are not really "doing" anything. We do everything ourselves, and the money is merely an illusion.

Think about it. You go to work. On that day, however, you don't get paid. Terrible, you say? What happens when you have to buy something, and you have no money?

You forgot, I said everyone. Thus, on that day, when you go to the store to "buy" food, it costs nothing! Sure, on the first day of such a system, people will go nuts with anxiety and "pig-out", hoarding huge quantities of free food in preparation for the system to break down. But when the system doesn't break down, people will stop doing that. People will only take what they need.

Why will people take only what they need? Certainly not because people are "nice". People -- at least these days -- are not "nice". But people do have common horse-sense. It simply makes no sense to store huge quantities of perishable food when the supermarket shelves are full of food, and it's free.

And where will the food come from? Simple. It's delivered by truck. How will the supermarket pay for it, if you don't pay the supermarket? Simple. On that day, the trucker charges nothing for the delivery! And the food wholesaler, from whom the trucker buys, charges nothing for the food. He got it from the farmer, who also charged nothing.

How will the farmer pay for fertilizer, and seeds, and tractors, and everything else necessary to grow food? He won't. On that day, they're free!

When the farmer needs new clothing for himself and his family, he'll go to the clothing store to "buy" it. Unfortunately, when he arrives, he'll have no money. Fortunately, however, that won't matter: On that day, the clothing is free!

I think you get the point. If everybody just keeps doing the same thing they're doing now, then the world will go on indefinitely, without money!


What's wrong with this idea?


Okay, I think -- I hope -- that I've made the point. NOW, let's criticize it.

First of all, everybody does not want to do tomorrow the same thing they're doing today. People are burning with ambition, and most of them hate their jobs. Is this a problem?

You bet it is. Is there a solution?

You bet there is.

In the messianic world of the future, which already exists in the mind of God, everyone, in the final analysis, works for himself, through service to God. God does not need your things, and when you provide for others, as He has provided for you, you are thereby serving Him. When you serve Him, you are serving yourself. This is guaranteed by the Golden Rule, which He gave to the world for its own sake.

In stark contrast is our present corrupt world, where it's the other way around. You're almost always "serving" an employer who hates you; who wishes you would just provide your services and drop dead; and who intends to keep as much for himself as possible and give you nothing.

In the messianic world to come, nothing is done except for the benefit of people. If something is worth doing, it ought to be done, whether or not anyone is "paid". When you're doing something because it's important, and because it's worth doing, there's little suffering of the kind most of us endure today in the current "take-this-job-and-shove-it" environment, where the product doesn't make the slightest difference to anyone in the world, as long as it "sells".

This claim is proven by the fact that truly important works have always been done by people without pay. People do volunteer work without pay. People serve God without pay. People help their neighbors without pay. People start businesses, invent inventions, compose music, and do a host of other things without pay, simply for the love of what they are doing. And let's not forget scientists. Through the ages, great discoveries have been made by men and women working for "peanuts", or for nothing at all.

But watch out! As soon as the scientific discovery is "commercialized", the bankers will be right in there, selling it to you for so much money that you'll end up worse off by reason of poverty after you buy it.

You may not believe it now, but there is pleasure in doing even the most menial work, when you know why you're doing it, and when you know that it matters, and that it makes a difference. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. He did not complain -- for him, it was a pleasure. Do you hate him for having done it?


Is there "enough to go around"?

Can we "afford" to give the good things
of the world to everybody?


Concerning the availability of goods, please note that we live in a day and age in which the manufacturing processes exist to give everybody everything. I said "everybody" and "everything". As a simple illustration, consider the CD player. When they were first introduced to the market, they were so expensive that only the rich could afford them. Soon, however, the price dropped to about $300. I bought one.

At about that time, hi-fi audio reviewers reported to us that the sound quality of CD players was so darned high that the cheapest was as good as the most expensive, and all of them reproduced sound so well that the imperfections in the sound were beyond the ability of the human ear to detect!

Nowadays, you can buy, for the grand total of $30, a "boom box" which will have not just one but two tape players, a radio, and a CD player. Quite obviously, the CD player, which is only 1/4 of the equipment in the "boom box", is worth an all-out absolute maximum of only $7.50. In truth, when the miscellaneous costs associated with any manufacturing and sales process are deducted, you'll probably find that the CD player is "worth" a buck. One dollar! That's all it's "worth".

Yet, until recently, it still cost $500 and up to install the one-buck CD player in your car. Why? Because a great deal of effort was expended to keep that price artificially high. As long as all the auto dealers colluded, and kept the automobile CD "exclusive", it remained at $500. Eventually, however, some of the auto makers, succombing to market pressures, "broke", offering a free CD player to boost sales. With lightening speed, all the others had to follow suit. Now CD players are "standard" in most models, and in the future, if you don't want one in your car, you'll probably have to pay to have it removed!

The moral of the story is that we live in a day and age when even the fanciest item doesn't cost much to manufacture, and more money is spent to keep a thing away from people than it would cost to just give it to them!

The greedy entreprenuer will never admit this, but will go down to his grave insisting that his "goods" have great value. Don't fall for it.

You know, or ought to know, that farmers have continuously burned food to keep prices up. If you don't know this, you ought to be ashamed, because it's a scandal which is ongoing, and it's a cause for shame. Money is actually being spent to keep food away from the hungry, because it would otherwise have to be given to them free! Scratch your head and see if you can figure it out. The only answer is "the devil".

Almost every poor person in America will eat before the sun sets. Yet some of them will have to go through administrative "hoops of fire" before they can be fed. They must register with "charities". The charities must go through a long charade of fund-raising activities and government registration procedures. Everyone labors from morning 'till night to make this ludicrous "system" work. Then there are all the scandals when, every so often, the heads of charities are found "dipping their fingers into the till". What for?

If you already believe that the poor should be fed, why the hell don't you just FEED THEM and GET IT OVER WITH? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

The true purpose of "charity" is to make jobs for people, so they can "make money", and to withhold food from the poor. After all, most charities don't simply hand out food on the street. Their food only goes to their choice locations; it can't just be given to any old poor person.


"What if I end up doing all the work?"


God forbid that anyone should do one lick of work more than his neighbor! But the Torah warns you against "coveting anything of your neighbor's" in the Ten Commandments, and that presumably includes your neighbor's leisure. However, I cannot deny that this work question is important, and must be addressed.

Are there people who, if given a chance, will sit on their asses doing nothing, and watch you while you sweat and toil, laughing at you all the day?

You bet there are.

Is it a problem?

You bet it is.

Is there a solution? Certainly.

The solution is that this Protocol is not for everyone. Then who's it for? For starters, it's for believers in God. Therefore, for starters, let us turn to the Bible for guidance.

In the Bible, we are commanded to work for six days and rest the seventh. Let us consider this, beginning with the subject of rest.

The seventh day, as most of you know, is called the Sabbath. Jews celebrate it on Saturday, Christians on Sunday, and Muslims on Friday. Why, that's the whole (believing) Western World!

Jesus worked on the Sabbath, because he was a physician, literally saving lives and souls. Physicians doing life-and-death work are invariably excluded from the Sabbath commandment. Are you the Son of Man? Are you a physician doing life-and-death work?

If you are, then you can work 7 days a week. If not, then you are required, by God, to rest one day. How serious is this commandment? Very. In the Torah, transgressions of the Sabbath could be punished by death!

History speaks for itself. The nations who scoffed at the Sabbath have faded away, and the nations who revered it now rule the Western World. Whether or not you are ready to believe in God, you must admit it: There's something to this "rest" thing!

Now, let's go back to the commandment. It says "six days you shall work, and on the seventh day you shall rest". What does this commandment say about the people we opened this section with, namely those who "if given a chance, will sit on their asses doing nothing, and watch you while you sweat and toil, laughing at you all the day"?. How can a messianic world come to pass if you do all the work, and the lazy and worthless of the world reap all the benefit?

The answer is, "it can't come to pass".

Therefore the messianic world is only for believers in God. The term "believer" in the End Times will be very broad, including what is today called a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim. Although it may not yet be self-evident, it will also include a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Taoist, a Confucianist, a Jain, and a Zoroastrian. If you have no idea why I have "lumped" all these together, and wish to read about it immediately, click here, or look in the Table of Contents for the sections on religion.

I have no use for a person who has thought the matter over, and has made a firm decision in his heart that (a) there is no God, and, worse still that (b) he wouldn't want to have anything to do with a God even if he thought one existed.

Such people will live only for themselves, and will never really love anything but Money. If servants of the LORD associate with them, then the world will never move beyond its current state of hopeless corruption. Don't forget: "You can't serve God and Mammon". There must be a separation, and there's no earthly way to avoid it.

It is "politically correct" these days to pretend that all "religions", all "life styles", and all people generally are exactly and precisely the same; that there is no real difference between "right" and "wrong", and that all forms of morality are arbitrary and capricious. Well, this game has just ended.

Because of the Biblical prophecy in Micah 4:1-5, which I have mentioned before and shall make repeated mention of again, I -- for one -- do not require any of the following:



HOWEVER, if, within the following nine religions, you can find no truth, then I have a problem with you, since these collectively embody the entire revelation given by God to mankind since the beginning:

  1. Judaism
  2. Christianity
  3. Islam
  4. Buddhism
  5. Jainism
  6. Hinduism
  7. Confucianism
  8. Taoism
  9. Zoroastrianism


There is nothing whatsoever in this list which is random or arbitrary. The logic behind it is irrefutable and most compelling. The arguments for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are contained in various sections which are named accordingly in the Table of Contents. The arguments for the others are found in a section called "The Origins of Man's Religions".

If you can't accept any of the above religions as having validity, then you must belong to one of the following false "religions": 

  • Atheism
  • Pantheism
  • Satanism
  • Mother Earth Worship
  • Marxism
  • Darwinism
  • New Age Confusion
  • Crystal Power
  • Ancient Idolatry

There are also present in the world today large numbers of people who have made science their "religion", although most such people are really Darwinists, believing that man is a mistake resulting from chance chemical reactions in the primordial slime.

People who believe in the correctness of the very unsound doctrine advocated by Darwin almost invariably believe that you have a "moral" pseudo-obligation to yourself to seize as much property, and as many pleasures as your greedy hands can grab, since, after death (so the theory goes) you become lifeless chemicals again. Thus, whatever fruits you fail to expropriate whilst you yet live will never be tasted for all eternity. This, of course, is the heart and soul of satanic thinking, and was well-described in Genesis Chapter 3.

As the Bible teaches, and as common experience corroborates, something like 50% of the people in the world today hate God and will never, even on pain of death, bow to Him. They will -- of course, of course -- bow to those who have Money, however, because Money is their "god".

There can be no peace between these two factions. But there can be peace between the followers of the 9 religions I listed earlier. I accept the core teachings of them all, because I know how to do so. You can't -- yet. Your parents taught you that the 8 which you don't "belong to" are your deadly enemies, but your parents did not know what they were talking about.

But I'm getting off the subject. The question is, within your messianic community, what ought to be done with a person who refuses to work?


How much work?


Before answering the question raised in the last sentence above, we ought to ask ourselves "how much work does a person have to do, in a messianic world?" The answer is "not all that much".

In the world of which I speak, a huge number of occupations will no longer be necessary. Armies, for example, can eventually be vastly reduced, because the primary enemy -- yourself -- will have "surrendered". Those who demand a world of money -- hoping desperately that they can enslave you and have a good life for themselves at your expense -- will quickly disappear from the face of the earth, and there will be no "enemies" anymore.

Police forces, likewise, can be vastly reduced. What need will there be for "crime" when everything is free?

The insurance industry can be entirely eliminated, since it does nothing but pay out money. Don't panic, ye brokers! You won't starve. Remember, everything is free! You'll eat, you'll eat!

Wall Street and the countless tentacles which emanate from it can be dropped into the ocean forever. The same can be said for all the banks, loan companies, leasing companies, finance companies, and all the millions upon millions of other businesses which do nothing on earth save to play with "Money". They're all history!

Lawyers and courts and everything which touches upon lawyers and courts will be reduced to a bare minimum, since over 90% of what all these people do is really just playing with money in one way or another. When the money goes, 90%+ of your lawsuits will go. (I'm a doctor, and I used to get sued a lot. Then I canceled my "malpractice insurance" -- the "deep pocket" which the lawyers were after. I was never sued again!! Believe it.)

Every doctor and other sort of medical person will agree that stress is responsible for more illness than any other cause. When money is removed, and your right to "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" is finally carved in stone, you'll be very secure, and your health will improve immensely. The number of medical personnel in the world will correspondingly diminish.

The removal of useless, frivolous, and malignant sorts of businesses from the world will free up mankind for the work which really matters -- such as providing people with food, shelter and clothing. Conversely, everything which is intrinsically worthless, but which is currently being painfully carried out "for money", will be history. Therefore, the amount of work which people must do will be reduced.

"Reduced", but never entirely eliminated.

God said you must work six days. Everyone, including a quadriplegic, can do something. If you have a brain in your head, you will want to do something. A man who, recognizing that there's work to do, decides to use force or deception to make someone else do it, is a sick person. I -- for one -- have no use for such sick people, unless they recognize their disease, and desire treatment.

The disease of avoiding work, and of "dumping" one's work into the laps of those too weak to fight back, is commonplace in the world today. For now, it's sometimes excusable. After all, time is indeed "money", and in a money-driven world, one must do what one must do to get by. Sometimes that means "cutting corners", which becomes a "fine art".

But in the messianic world, no one is on a time clock. You're not paid "by the minute"; in fact, you're not paid at all. Since, in most instances, it doesn't really matter how long it takes to get a job done, everything can be done right the first time, without "cutting corners". This means that buildings can be constructed from sound materials, and built to last. Physicians can actually spend time listening to your problems, and no longer need order useless tests or prescribe expensive but ultimately ineffective remedies.

Finally, when these things come to pass, products will be manufactured for quality and durability. How about an umbrella which doesn't invert at the first wind? Impossible? I don't know. But you'll never see it in the world of greed, where they'd rather sell you another umbrella.


Everyone must work? What if I get bored with my job?


Here's another problem. In the messianic world, everyone must be active, and everyone must get involved. In other words, everyone must work.

What indeed if you get bored?

Obviously, to make life tolerable in a world where everyone must work, it must be possible to change jobs at some point.

I envision this as being no problem at all. Through computers, which will be free, or through "traditional" schools, which will also be free, anyone could learn any trade or skill he or she was able and willing to master.

Right now, that's impossible, because it costs a lot of money to go to a good school. But in the messianic world, it suddenly becomes possible.

In the End Times, computers will be devoted more to education than to any other field. Through video -- most likely 3-D holography -- it will be very possible for anyone to obtain access to lectures on any subject, by the finest lecturers in the world. Home study, of a quality formerly available only at top schools -- and for "top dollar" -- will be available to all, for free! You will be able to learn any subject at your own pace, and become qualified for any job.

This will come about because people want it to come about. When greed is removed, people will want to teach you what they know. It's entirely different from our current way of life, where educators generally only teach for money, and where teachers frequently withhold important teachings from all but certain "elite" students -- those deemed "worthy" to learn their great "secrets", and of course, to go on to exploit them


"Who gets the fancy house?"


This is the sort of question which haunts the minds of people who love real estate. Who indeed "gets the fancy house"?

Again I would remind you that we are under divine commandment to not covet anything of our neighbor's. However, above and beyond that, we need, in the present day and age, to ask this question first: "What is fancy?" It's not as simple as you think.

We might also ask "what is poor?" Both Moses and Jesus said "ye shall always have the poor". But what does this mean? Again, it's not as simple as you think.

Take, if you will, the example of the King of England in the middle ages. With few exceptions, it can surely be said that the King had the highest standard of living in the country. How would you like to be the King of England?

Before you answer, bear in mind that I'm not talking about being the King of England today, I'm talking about being the King of England in the middle ages.

The King of England in the middle ages did not have running hot water in his bathroom. Hot water had to be boiled up in pots on a wood fire. Furthermore, if he didn't like the taste of the water from the wells in the vicinity of his castle, there wasn't a thing he could do about it.

Nowadays, even among the poor in New York City, the majority have bathrooms with hot and cold running water. The municipal water supply of New York is said to be among the best in the country. So who's better off, the poor in New York today, or the King of England in the middle ages? With respect to water issues, the answer is beyond a doubt: The poor of New York today are much better off! Do you see why I ask the question "what is poor?"

What about transportation? The King of England in the middle ages had a very beautiful horse-driven coach, with a lot of gold and other fancy stuff on the outside. But there was only one set of roads in England -- there wasn't a second set for the King. And that one set of roads was narrow, bumpy, and filled with highway robbers.

Even if you were the King himself, a journey of 50 miles could take 2-3 days, and it was a most unpleasant experience; so much so that the word "travel" was coined, from the French word for "hard labor".

But now you can go 50 miles in a car in about one hour, on a highway that's smoother than the smoothest highway ever built in all of medieval and ancient Europe. In the winter your car is heated, and, in most cases, it's air-conditioned in the summer. Even a poor New Yorker of Puerto Rican ancestry can visit his relatives in San Juan by airplane for a very low price, making the trip in a few hours by air. The King of England couldn't have imagined any such thing.

So, who's poor? Do you still want to be the King of medieval England? Not if you have any sense!

As you reflect on this question, you start to realize that the word "poor", most of the time, simply means that someone has something you don't have. The only absolute definition of "poverty" is starvation for lack of food, and homelessness. These, shamefully, still exist for the very poorest of the poor in America, and for hundreds of millions of people in the "third world".

However, in America, the majority of today's "poor" have plenty of food, a roof over their heads, hot and cold running water, an automobile (maybe used, but an automobile just the same), a color television with 100 cable stations (mostly showing antichrist, violent, and quasi-pornographic trash), a microwave oven and a toaster oven, a refrigerator, and a home which is heated in the winter, and frequently air-conditioned in the summer.

As you think about these things, you will come to realize that modern technology has indeed made it possible for "everybody" to have "everything". Machines and appliances simply do not cost much, and neither does construction.

 But salaries cost a great deal, and cause everything to become "pricey". Even worse than salaries are the following costly items, which have no place in a messianic world:



 I would like particularly to comment on the last item, high-tech items. The world has become computerized, and it's not turning back. But has your life become better?

The computer has not improved people's health noticeably, and it has done nothing to remove the dark depression which has seized most people's souls. The fear of the future, and the constant unrest of the mind, are not eased at all by merely buying a computer.

In fact, the computer has really done little else than create a new form of oppression. Microsoft, Apple, Netscape, and Internet Explorer have your future completely planned. They know exactly what products they're going to release, and when they'll release them. You'll be forced to "upgrade", over and over again, as long as you live.

The cost of "upgrading" will be adjusted to maximize profits, which, in practice, means they will charge the very most which you can bear. That means that each and every upgrade will be a painful outlay of cash for you; more than you can afford. If you fail to upgrade, you'll eventually be wiped out, because the time will come when none of the new software will run on your old computer, and none of the new computers will recognize your old software. There's no way out.

I say "to Hell with this system". In the messianic world, the very object of creating a new computer or computer-related device will be to give it to people. That's the point!

The purpose, and the point, and the object of all new technological development is supposed to be to GIVE IT TO PEOPLE, not take it away.

Among the things I propose be given away, for free, is housing. We opened this section with the question: "Who gets the fancy house?"

The answer is: you do! And so does everyone else. When all the unnecessary and evil-intentioned "businesses" are removed from the world, the labor of mankind will be freed up for the creation of housing for all. You have, in this world, three choices:

  1. Everyone can live in sub-standard housing, or
  2. Some people can live in nice homes, and some in slums, or
  3. Everyone can live in a superior home.

Which one do you choose? Modern technology, and the freeing-up of human labor for worthwhile enterprises, make all three possible. So it's your choice! Which one do you choose?

Wouldn't we be fools not to choose #3?

Can everyone have a swimming pool? A swimming pool is just a hole in the ground. Yes, everyone can have a swimming pool. Besides, if everyone loved his neighbor, as you were COMMANDED to do, then every community could have an olympic-sized pool for all, or a beautiful beach front if it was on a lake, river, or ocean. Then you wouldn't need a little "bathtub" in your backyard.

EVERYONE can indeed have EVERYTHING. But you've got to learn to "love your neighbor".

But currently, in the world of hate, the entire purpose of all technological development is to create something "exclusive", to patent it, to ruthlessly suppress all competitors, to advertise it with naked ladies so that all men want it and all women are jealous not to have it, and, finally, when all this chicanery is perpetrated, to SELL IT TO YOU for so much money that you'll be overwhelmed with guilt if you buy it -- for fear that you won't be able to feed, clothe and school your children -- and overwhelmed with fear that if you don't buy it you'll become "obsolete".

To Hell with this system.

In the messianic world, no one will receive any new computerized "toys" until EVERYONE can get them. Technology will be for people, not money, and once the developers have deemed a new invention ready for distribution, it will be given to all.

Does it seem impossible to you? Bear in mind that technology was never necessary in the first place. Your ancestors demanded it. The fact of the matter is that the world did just fine, thank you, when we traveled by horse-and-buggy, and when "express mail" meant pony-express. Not one of the inventions of the last 500 years has improved the way people feel, which is generally terrible. If you're filled with anxiety, fear, gloom, and depression, what difference does it make if you have a fast microprocessor in your computer?

There's no reason in the world why the next generation of computers from Microsoft or Apple can't be given to everyone in the world, except for this reason: You don't WANT anyone to have anything. You only want for yourself.

This is the disease, and this is the poverty. The Golden Rule says "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you". If you gave whatever you had to give to everyone who asked, and if everyone else did the same to you, then EVERYBODY would have EVERYTHING.

Conversely, when everyone desires only these things: to kill their neighbor, rape his wife, enslave his children, and make damned sure that nobody but nobody ever gets ANYTHING until they have PAID IN FULL, then you have the world today: an evil place poised on the brink of becoming a hopelessly-enslaved "one-world" Bank Dictatorship, where no one will ever have anything again. The choice is yours.


What is the purpose of money?


When I began thinking about money about a decade ago, I wondered to myself: "What is it, and what is it for?"

Let us begin to consider this question by asking a further question: "What would it be like if everyone had money?"

People who are infected with the love of Money seem to believe that the meaning of the word "progress", when the word is used in a social sense, is that poverty, meaning lack of money, will be eliminated.

What rubbish! Let us now imagine what the world would be like if everyone had unlimited money. In your mind, let tons of money be printed up, and let it be handed out to everyone. What would happen?

Well, immediately, everyone would make a beeline for every store that had an item he wanted. Regardless of its cost, he would "purchase" it with the new money.

By sunset, the shelves of the stores of the world would be empty, and the basements of the houses of the world would be jammed with things that people really didn't need.

On day 2 of this system, the stores would already be empty, and it would no longer be sufficient to merely "have money" to get things. All things, at that point, would be in short supply, and since everyone, in this scenario, now has "money", there simply aren't enough "things" to go around, regardless of "ability to pay".

I have intentionally not coupled this scenario with any underlying premise of "love your neighbor", or made mention of any "Golden Rule". I have simply taken greedy mankind, and filled his pockets with money. The result? No one would do a lick of work. Why should they? Why, they're "important"! They have money!

Soon, all the goods would disappear, and none of the "rich" (i.e., everybody) would be willing to work to replace them. "It's not my job" would be heard a lot.

Within a very short time, nobody would have anything. It's the exact opposite of what I tell you would happen in a messianic world, where everyone would have everything!

When you think about it enough, you start to realize that a world in which everyone is filthy rich is really the same as a world in which everyone is dirt poor, because in each instance there is essentially no medium of exchange with which to purchase anything. In the first instance, the money becomes plainly worthless because everyone's pockets are stuffed with it, and in the second instance there simply is none.

So the purpose of money is not that everyone should have it, and it's not that no one should have it. The purpose is evidently that some should have, and some should have-not.

This, in a word, means "discrimination". Thus, in a monied world, there are invariably two tiers, or castes, which supercede all racial and ethnic distinctions: rich, and poor.

And how does one get rich in this world? That's easy: By expropriating money. What? Does all wealth automatically result from "expropriation"? Isn't it ever possible to get rich "honestly"?

Sure, it's possible. Is it likely, however? No, it's not very likely.

The essential power which money imparts is that it brings you more money. Suppose you want a loan: You go down to your bank and fill out an application. They do a credit check, and if you have a lot of money, you get the loan. If you have very little money, then you're a "poor credit risk" and you don't get the loan.

Wait a minute! The person with a lot of money doesn't really need a loan. The person who needs the loan is the poor, but he can't get it because he's a "poor credit risk".

The rich can always get credit, they can always start new businesses to get richer, and they always have accountants to make sure that the tax burden in the nation is borne by the poor, and not by them.

In every respect, the system which emerges in a money-driven world is that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, until there is a general and violent uprising of some sort. Then it starts over again. "World without end"? I hope not.


It makes no difference where "your" money came from


How does one go about getting money, in a money-driven world? The answer is "it doesn't matter, as long as you don't get caught".

Everyone loves the rich -- for their money of course -- and the richer one becomes, the less people inquire as to where one got the money from. Especially when one is in the habit of spreading a little of it around.

The "rap artists" of today's degenerate music world know this principle and sing of it. "Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M., get the money, dollar dollar bill y'all", sang one of them.

Said another, "It ain't a crime if you don't get caught". Really? That's an entertaining pop lyric, but is it true? The Bible says it is a crime -- when it's committed -- not when you get caught!

Between the World Wars, the German composer Kurt Weill wrote an ugly little opera which is still occasionally performed, called "The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagony", about an imaginary country within which "the greatest crime was to be without money". Weill was making the same observation the rap artists make to this day, namely that the penalties for being poor are so great, and the rewards for being rich are so many, that it often seems, on the surface at least, that being poor is "morally wrong"!

Have you ever been involved in a lawsuit? If you have been, and if the opposing party was wealthier than you, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. In an American court of "law", the wealthier party will prevail almost as a matter of course.

There are, of course, some exceptions. If the weathier of the adversaries is only "slightly" rich, and if the poorer party presents his argument particularly well, he might, on rare occasion, win the case.

But, in this country, when you take on an extremely wealthy party, you simply cannot win. What does it mean? Come on ... you can figure it out.

The only exception to this is when the "public eye" is on the case. If the newspapers, for whatever reason, are covering a case, then the poor petitioner may very well win, because the judge will be "on his best behavior". But turn off those TV cameras, and watch out! The Money will win every time!

I have been involved in a number of legal cases, and I know what I'm talking about. Some of these were undertaken solely to "test" our judges with respect to their faithfulness to their oath of office, which requires upholding the United States Constitution. They failed every test. See the Table of Contents for descriptions of some of the more outrageous legal decisions of the United States Supreme Court; decisions which have paved the way for the nightmare we're in now.


Dream, or Reality?


If you've read this far, you might be starting to understand that the world could indeed be a very wonderful place -- without money.

But is it really possible, or is it just a dream? And how does one get started?

The answer is "it's not only possible, but it's necessary". The World Bankers are about to lock you up, forever. I have examined the full length and breadth of the problem, and there's no human solution. Too many millennia of unbridled greed -- on all our parts! -- has caused us to be too hopelessly chained to the pursuit of money for there to be any escape of our own design.

But God has provided a solution, and not recently, either. Through the mouths of His prophets He has proclaimed, since ancient times, His Golden Rule, which teaches us how to live without money.

What is required? You must believe in Him, and put your trust in Him entirely. There's no "lukewarm" or "halfway". This is not one of those things concerning which people say "Try it -- you might like it!" No way.

You're either in or out. If you're "in", you must learn what it means to "love your neighbor", because you're going to be in your neighbor's face, and he in yours.

Who are our neighbors? With respect to religion, they are:

  1. Judaism
  2. Christianity
  3. Islam
  4. Buddhism
  5. Jainism
  6. Hinduism
  7. Confucianism
  8. Taoism
  9. Zoroastrianism

These are the nine religions which can be proven conclusively to have been revealed by God. They are not "all the same". In fact, no two of them embody exactly the same teachings. Each contains vital truths, and each -- unfortunately -- has also been defiled by man-made falsehoods which were added on afterwards.

Although it will be said, by the fervent and jealous advocates of any one of them, that God's entire revelation can be found in their religion alone, this does not have any practical value. For example, I have found important Buddhist teachings to be woven into the fabric of Chapter 3 of the Book of Genesis. But they are presented subtly; few Jews or Christians reading through these verses will notice them. Therefore, we shall continue to need a Buddhist religion, where Buddhist teachings are in the forefront.

All nine of these religions are necessary. There is no falsehood in any of their primary scriptures, which were all divinely inspired, but there is much exaggeration and outright deceit in the commentaries which have been added by people through the ages. This is particularly galling in view of the fact that each of the primary scriptures contains a warning to "add nothing".

The beginning of world peace is the acceptance of the truth of the primary scripture of your own religion, and the willingness to believe that God also appeared to the other nations listed above.

Some of the religious teachings of the nine faiths are in sections accordingly titled in the Table of Contents. The reader interested in the reconcilliation of age-old wars and "jihads" is particularly urged to look at the section entitled "Bible Truths Which the Translators Have Concealed".


How do you start?


If you believe that the nine faiths listed above were really the work of the LORD, then you've already started.

Yeshua (Jesus) said the meek shall inherit the earth. Believe it, and be meek.

Be prepared to join a community of God-fearing people who, without attempting to impose "their father's beliefs -- right or wrong" upon others, nevertheless give all they have to the community in the name of the LORD. No such community exists yet. Nevertheless, be prepared, against the time when it appears.

When the community does arise, it will not arise in a single location, as in times gone by. It will be scattered throughout the nations of the apostate world, and will be brought forth into the light by God, as the Twelve Tribes of Israel were brought forth from the midst of the idolatrous ancient nation of Egypt.

I cannot say how the LORD will begin this work. I can, however, point out some of the strengths of a community which lives by the Golden Rule, as it grows in size:


Might there be difficulties? Sure. For one, people will have to overcome the habit of "measuring" the worth of their services, and of burning with rage because they "got back less than they gave". This can only be overcome by understanding that the recipient of your goods and services is not man, but God. This was best-explained by Buddha:.

"If one gives away a gift only when convenient, or because it is easier to give than not to give, it is an offering, of course, but it is not a True Offering. A True Offering comes from a sympathetic heart before any request is made, and a True Offering is the one that gives not occasionally but constantly.
"Neither is it a True Offering if after the act there are feelings of regret or of self-praise; a True Offering is one that is given with pleasure, forgetting oneself as the giver, the one who receives it and the gift itself.*
"True Offering springs spontaneously from one's pure compassionate heart with no thought of any return, wishing to enter into a life of Enlightenment together."
(Originally from the Mahaparinirvana-sutra, reprinted in "The Teaching Of Buddha", p. 334-336.)

How many of us can live up to the extraordinary standard implicit in this teaching? Ordinarily, we measure every grain of sand we "give" away. Here, we are told not to think of the giver, the recipient, or even of the gift! None of it matters! The only object of giving and receiving is to "enter into a life of Enlightenment together". (Click here to read about the relationship between Enlightenment and God).

Productivity will have to be encouraged, because in a society where everything is provided, people will tend to get lazy and complacent. This is potentially a problem of great magnitude. It is overcome, however, by the establishment of community leaders who fear God, and who inspire people because they fear Divine retribution if they fail to do so. Currently, political leaders are chosen for their wealth or brutality, and if they "inspire" anyone to do anything, it is indeed through fear -- of man, not of God.

People must learn to forego being at the "cutting edge of technology" all the time, and learn to concentrate instead on guaranteeing that existing technology is both perfected, and made available to all, before stampeding recklessly for the next new invention.


Warning: this is NOT a "barter system"


What is the difference between a Golden Rule Community and a "barter system"? The difference is simply this: the former will prosper exceedingly, and the latter will perish.

If you want to place a "valuation" on your labor, and receive "equal value" in return for goods and services "provided", let me remind you that you are already living in a world of greed where everything is measured. You don't need to enter into and destroy the new community to get that which you already have!

The secret of avoiding the risk of degenerating into a barter system is to keep strictly in mind at all times that every service performed is a service to God, not man. If, in my capacity as a physician, I "heal" a sick person, I do it as a service to God, not as a service to the patient. If a plumber fixes a leaky pipe, he does so for God, not for the customer or his pipe.

Since God needs nothing from you, it cannot be said, when you have performed a service, that you "gave" anything of value, even to God. Therefore, you ought not "receive" anything in return. When you perform services for God, the reward is that you will be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven for all eternity, which is a lot longer than the few wretched decades the average person spends stealing money on earth.

The wealth of the community is based upon God's absolute promise that if we serve Him, He will raise us up. The Golden Rule -- revealed in every country and in every generation -- teaches that we serve Him when we provide our goods and services to others. It's not for the "others", and it's not for "barter" purposes. It's an offering to the LORD; not to be "measured" in any other way.


It is necessary that people practice prayer


There is a general misconception among people that prayer is a tax or tribute to God, which offends the common man, who doesn't want to give anyone anything. The truth is the opposite: Prayer is a gift from God to man. It is we who benefit from prayer, not God. This is a subtle point, which has been known to the wise since the Beginning.

It is essential, in a Golden Rule Community, that God be worshipped, and worshipped in acceptable ways. To read about the (rather broad) scope of acceptable religious practices in such a community, see the Table of Contents for the folder "The Origins of Man's Religions", relating primarily to Eastern Enlightenment-based religions, and the several folders relating to the three Western monotheistic faiths. Every one of these require prayer and/or meditation daily.

Whether you are Jew, Christian, Muslim, or Buddhist, your religion teaches that you ought properly to keep God in mind constantly, every minute of every day, forever.

The common experience of all mankind is that people who do not pray quickly forget God, and get entangled in worldly pursuits. One should therefore attempt to pray several times daily, according to the sorts of prayers associated with your own religion. You could, for example, pray in the early morning, in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon (corresponding to the time of the American "coffee break"), in the evening, and late at night. Alternatively, you could pray in association with meals, and when you arise and go to sleep. The exact timing is less important than the prayer itself.

Prayers need not be those of any particular religion, or of any particular length, and they do not have to be done with fanfare. If you've never prayed, and don't know how to begin, then you can stop your activities and say to yourself words such as these:

"LORD, thank you for giving me the wherewithal to even know that I ought to be praying to you at this time. Please keep me on your path".

Is that short enough? And yet, if you say even these few words with a whole heart, God will hear. The Bible says so. It's always been God's promise.

Obviously, longer and more elaborate prayers can be offered. There is no shortage of fully-composed prayers which are taught by our various churches. The important thing is to pray.

On the other hand, if you don't love and fear God enough to give him so much as a sentence or two of recognition these several times in the day, then I would question whether you really believe in Him. If you don't believe, then you will never have the moral strength to withstand the demands of a community built around the Golden Rule. In the beginning, it will be like holding on to the mast of a small boat in a savage storm. Only the faithful will make it. If you have no faith, it would be better not to start.


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Book: The Teaching of Buddha

The Teaching of Buddha is the most concise and all-inclusive Buddhist reference I know of, and I strongly recommend it to all. It is published by the Buddhist Promoting Foundation (Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai), an organization established by Mr. Yehan Numata, who was the founder of the Mitutoyo Corporation, a manufacturer of precision measuring instruments. Mr. Numata was an Eastern "Gideon", who used his wealth to spread the word of Buddha throughout the world. Consequently, his book may now be found in many hotel rooms in the Orient, just as the Gideon Bible is found in the West. In America, The Teaching of Buddha may readily be obtained from: The Society for Buddhist Understanding, 16925, E. Gale Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91745. The book is free, although a contribution is appreciated. The Internet address of Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai is: