URL's of Web Sites which teach about the

New World Order



The following list is far from complete, and it may not be up-to-date. Some of the URLs might have changed, and some of the people who didn't have web sites when this was written may have them now. Nevertheless, it's a good beginning.

 Some of these authors are disturbingly anti-Semitic, but I, a Jew, forgive them, for they know not what they say -- about that.

About the New World Order, however, they know exactly what they're saying:




Pat Robertson.

Although he is relatively middle-of-the-road, I list the world-famous minister, author and former presidential candidate first because his book, "The New World Order", is an excellent introduction to that subject. In a controlled and historically-objective way, Rev. Robertson traces the development of oppressive world banking power back for centuries, showing how a one-world antichrist dictatorship is now an historical inevitability which only God Himself can stop. Wait until you read about who actually ran the country during the period that Robertson's friend and fellow Christian minister, Jimmy Carter, was nominally "President of the United States"!


Tetrahedron (Lenny Horowitz): www.tetrahedron.org

Dr. Horowitz, a graduate of Harvard University School of Public Health, has done more than anyone else to widely-disseminate the truth about AIDS, Ebola and other man-made instruments of germ warfare. That AIDS was man-made is beyond dispute. The only thing we cannot say at this point is whether the release of AIDs into the human population was (1) a planned test of the government's new germ warfare "toy", (2) the secret work of a genocidal madman who had access to the man-made hybrid virus, or (3) a monumental blunder, which has taken an incalculable toll in human life. Horowitz does a good job at convincing us that all three of these sorts of things are not only possible, but have happened before in this country! My, we're slow to learn!


Lynne Meredith    (We The People):

Lynne was "honored" by being arrested on "tax day", April 15, 2002, about 9 months before the posting of this web site. She is facing 85 years in prison for teaching the truth. Since 85 years in jail is living death, it can accurately be said that she is about to be martyred in a fraudulent federal pseudo-trial.

Lynn's great book, "Vultures In Eagle's Clothing", will undoubtedly be available regardless of her personal fate. Her web site is down, so I can't tell you where to look for the book, but if you look you'll undoubtedly find it.

"Vultures..." was a concise and highly entertaining history of the downfall of freedom in the United States, from the early battles over the formation of a British-style central bank in the United States to the final establishment of the income tax-Federal Reserve system, after which freedom in America never had a chance. She shows precisely why the income tax is illegal, immoral and unconstitutional. She also shows that not a penny of personal income tax money goes anywhere other than into the pockets of wealthy bankers. The poor? Whatever appropriations are voted for them must be financed by new money, which is printed from plain paper, and loaned to America at interest. The only way such abomination can continue is if the citizen is ignorant. Read "Vultures..." and your ignorance will be dispelled.


America's Hope: To Cancel Bank Loans! (Tom Schauf):www.bankfreedom.com

Tom, a deeply committed Christian patriot, is a former accountant and bank auditor who has learned the incredible truth about our banking "system", and has risked his life and freedom to talk about it. What he teaches us, in a nutshell, is that if you are a "banker" (which means, in effect, an agent of the Federal Reserve Bank), you have the "right" to create money and lend it out at interest! The mortgages that we "commoners" have, the loans we take out, and quite possibly even the charge card purchases we make, all involve money which came out of nobody's pocket! The money was created by our own signature on the promissory note. To put it all in perspective, if you did what they do, you'd wind up in jail for "counterfeiting" so fast it would make your head spin! What gives "them" the right to create money? Why, it's that old Luciferian fake "golden rule", namely "he who has the gold, makes the rules". The principles involved are really quite simple, but I recommend that you learn them from Tom, who knows much more about it than I do.


American Center for Law and Justice (Jay Sekulow):www.aclj.org

Jay Sekulow is a messianic Jewish lawyer, and his A.C.L.J. (not to be confused with the ultra-liberal A.C.L.U.) is a hard-working group which defends the First Amendment rights of Christian organizations against government aggression. Although most Americans neither know nor care, the federal government is using its overbearing powers to harass and torment Christian churches. The aggression might, for example, be in the form of revocation of a church's tax-exempt status as a "punishment" for criticizing the government -- whereas if a liberal church sings the praises of the New World Order, that -- says your friends at the IRS -- is not politics, but religion, and their tax-exempt status remains untouched. Or, the aggression might take the form of denial by a school for permission to use its classrooms for after-school meetings of Christian clubs, while at the same time permitting such use by Hindu groups, or by occult quasi-"religious" groups. Mind you, its not that they "like" the Hindu religion; it's just that there are so few practitioners of it in this country that they don't consider it a threat, as they do Christianity.
          The ACLJ recently put all its weight behind an effort to block the passage of a Hawaiian same-sex marriage bill. The bill didn't pass! This is a very worthwhile organization.


Police Against the New World Order (Jack McLamb): (not on the Web )

Jack is one of America's great patriots. While serving as the most highly-decorated police officer in Phoenix Arizona history, he came to realize that the IRS routinely "uses" the police to enforce pseudo-"warrants" of seizure which are illegal, unconstitutional, and unaccompanied by any court order or "due process of law" -- of any sort whatsoever. He has labored ceaselessly to educate his fellow police and military officers that they DO NOT have to cooperate with illegal seizures just because "the IRS 'ordered' them to do it". Because of his beliefs and activities, Jack was fired from his job, but he went to court and made them give it back. Then he retired! He now works full-time to protect your freedom. He has a book called "Operation Vampire Killer 2000", and he publishes a regular newsletter, "Aid & Abet Police & Military Newsletter". ADDRESS: HC-11, Box 357, Kamiah, Idaho 83536. PHONE: (208) 935-7852. FAX: (208)-935-7854.


Militia of Montana: www.logoplex.com

          The MOM is high on the government's "hit list". They are a steadfastly pro-freedom pro-constitutional anti-New-World-Order organization. As fierce defenders of the 2nd Amendment, they have a reputation -- amongst the ignorant, that is -- of being in favor of violence and armed struggle. Ha! They're like tame pussycats compared with the unscrupulous activities of those whom they are preparing to resist.
          MOM has a variety of publications and products for sale. Even their catalogue is itself worth a look. 


Prophecy Club: www.prophecyclub.com

This strongly Christian group sponsors a large number of very educational and very entertaining lecturers, who, collectively, cover the gamut of pro-God, anti-New-World-Order subjects. The Prophecy Club offers a large collection of videotapes, many of which I've seen and highly recommend. Why watch Luciferian trash like the"X Files" when you can watch a Prophecy Club video and get the real thing? Check this group, and find out what's really going on in the world around you.


Hebron Ministries (Marvin Byers): (not on the Web)

Marvin Byers is an Evangelical Christian minister who covers New World Order topics from a nearly-100% Biblical perspective. His book "The Year 2000", which, among other things, publicizes the End Times teachings of Sir Isaac Newton (who was either the 1st or 2nd greatest scientist of all times, depending upon what you think of Albert Einstein) -- has generated much enthusiasm. ADDRESS: Hebron Ministries, 2120 E. 11-Mile Road, Royal Oak, MI 48067. TELEPHONE: 1-800-LAST-DAY (527-8329).



The Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee: www.okcbombing.org

This is not, strictly-speaking, a "Christian" or "patriot" group in the usual sense in which these words are used these days. It is a political group founded by Oklahoma State Representative Charles D. Key, who has been fighting for years to keep the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing open. As a politician, Mr. Key must guard his speech. But I don't have to do that! Off the record, I can tell you that the Oklahoma City bombing was done with the full knowledge and complicity of the federal government. The evidence is simply overwhelming. For those of you who just can't imagine why the government would do such a thing, the answer is really quite simple: To frighten the public into accepting martial law, which threatens to engulf this nation any day now.


Right Way L.A.W. : www.rightwaylaw.org

The Right Way folks take a purely legalistic view of things. They are all powerfully knowledgeable pro se lawyers, and they don't put up with any nonsense from abusers of power either at the local, state, or federal level. They have a large catalogue of literature and tapes which cover everything from traffic court, to beating the IRS at their own game. If you have any thought about getting involved in your own legal defense, you owe it to yourself to join Right Way.


Devvy Kidd: www.devvy.com

Devvy is a one-woman crusade against governmental abuse of power. Because she herself ran for Congress in northern California and lost -- after being decisively ahead in the polls right up to the last minute -- she is particularly focused on election fraud, which has become the rule, rather than the exception, in America. And who controls election outcomes in this country? "The people"? I don't think so! Read Devvy's "Why A Bankrupt America?" to learn the answer to this question.


Votescam (book): www.votescam.com

Authors James and Kenneth Collier have written what is now the "classic" expose of election fraud in the United States. They show that paper ballots are still collected, but not necessarily counted. Even if the voter returns are entered into computer files, the values entered are under the control of the owners of the computers. Guess who owns the computers. "The people"? Not a chance! This book will make you seriously question the value of trying to bring about reform "through the ballot box".


"Secret Sixes" (Video) by James Lloyd (not on Web)

Do you think that there can really be overt Satanic worship in Hollywood? If you say "no", then Christian Minister James Lloyd may change the way you think. He has compiled a set of video film-clips which show the infamous number "666" cleverly embedded into numerous movies. Some of the alleged imbeds are a bit far-fetched, and may have been mere coincidences. Most of them, however, are so downright bold that there is no question about the filmmaker's intent. The scene from Spielberg's "Back To The Future Part II" has to be seen to be believed! Contact: CHRISTIAN MEDIA, (no street address) Jacksonville, OR 976530 TDC, TELEPHONE: (541) 899-8888.

Media Bypass : www.MediaBypass.com

Media Bypass looks like Time Magazine, but that's where the resemblance ends. Time Magazine will never tell you the truth about what the international money brokers have in store for you, and Media Bypass won't stop telling you! To get the real news, try a subscription to this magazine. Highly recommended: Try to get the back issue which covers the subject of world-wide computer-satellite tapping of telephones. All telephones. Your telephone. Do you doubt it? You won't after you read this article, which gives the identities of the satellites involved, the addresses of some of the buildings where the computer storage disks are located, and the names of the software programs which monitor the hard-disk recordings, listening for "key words" which reveal whether or not you are a "terrorist" who requires special surveillance. TELEPHONE: (812) 477-8670

"Weather Control As A Weapon" (Bob Fletcher) :

Did you ever see the trashy movie "The Avengers"? It was made to defuse the impact of the inevitable "leaking" of the "secret" of weather control. Bob Fletcher, a former Militia of Montana member, has spent the last some-odd years investigating the phenomenon of "weather control". Do you think that such a thing is impossible? You won't think so after you see this video.
      It turns out that there are fully-mapped "rivers" of water vapor in our atmosphere which flow pretty much the same way all the time. If you interrupt their flow -- which can be done with large electrostatic devices based on technology originally developed by Tessla, the inventor of alternating current -- then it rains, and rains, and rains... and keeps on raining until you turn the darned machines off. Bob will show you maps of the United States which reveal the locations of these devices, all of which are on military reservations off limits to you. Even if you could approach them, you wouldn't be able to get close without frying your brain.
      To learn about this and much more, order this memorable video. ADDRESS: 10061 Riverside Drive #801, N. Hollywood, California 91602. TELEPHONE: (818) 980-9745. At the time of this writing, the video could be purchased from the book and video section of a sprawling patriot site called www.freedomdomain.com. This is not Fletcher's own personal site, but a general anti-New-World-Order site with a lot of data on weather control, as well as nearly every other topic under the sun. Here you can select Fletcher's video, or any of several other books and videos on the subject. By the way, Fletcher's video is way down in the list -- you might have to do a word search on his name to locate it quickly.