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Praise & Press for Whoever...
Letter from Prof. Dr. Tohru Matsufuji
of Notre Dame University, Okayama, to Prof. Dr. Hisatoki Komaki (Nobel Prize nominee and President, International Congress of University Chancellors and Professors)(ICUCP), proclaiming the concepts presented in Whoever You Thought You Were... You're A Jew! (subtitled "A Blueprint for World Peace--Under God") to be the Star of Hope for all humankind. Prof. Komaki kindly made a copy available to me (the handwriting on the letter is his).

Four Steps To Absolute Peace
Below is a greatly-reduced copy of the 2-page notice placed periodically by Prof. Hisatoki Komaki, president of the ICUCP, in the New York Times and other media. Prof. Komaki is the picture at the extreme left. Next to him is Linus Pauling (recently deceased at that time), former American representative of the ICUCP. Dr. Biegeleisen is featured in the larger picture on the extreme right, in a space reserved by Prof. Komaki for guests whose work was concordant with his own. Prof. Komaki found unity between East and West from a Buddhist perspective, Dr. Biegeleisen found unity between West and East from a Judeo-Christian-Islamic perspective.

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