The "New World Order"



YOU have turned against God, and are about to pay the terrible price. It's called the "New World Order", and it means living death.

I said "you". That includes me. We are mankind, which has rebelled against God every minute of every day of the world, since the Beginning. If what I just said was not true, there would be no way to explain what you're doing here, reading this web site. It serves no other purpose.

I said "you". Now, there are two species of "you", one rare, the other common. If you are of the rare species, then you recognize the existence of error within yourself, and have a desire to correct it. This is good ... so far.

You probably do this through a religion, and a few of you have learned to desire God above all else. Most of you, however -- your public proclamations notwithstanding -- desire, above all other things, the blood of your "enemies". Didn't your fathers and mothers teach you this?

Aren't you supposed to "honor your father and mother" by perpetuating their hatred and intolerance?

The answer to the above is "no, not always". You have little hope of thusly raising yourself up, because there's a Law in the Universe which is immutable. This is it, and you knew it all the time: The evil you desire for your "enemies" will rebound on your own head.

Because, in the final analysis, there is no "enemy". The enemy is OURSELVES, and the evil we desire for our "enemies" will therefore fall upon the real enemy, ourselves.

And this is what we are about to bring upon ourselves: the "New World Order". It's an exceedingly great evil. And it's very long-lasting.

Now, I said some of you practiced a religion. Most of you don't even do that. You have been duped into believing that mankind is a chemical accident, and that the chemicals have somehow stood upright, and declared that they are "alive", and that they have "intelligence". They will seize the moment, and become "gods"! Are the following not true? (But read the real answers in parentheses).

  • Is there not a "United Nations"? (Yes, but it's a covert bank dictatorship).

  • Do we not know the structure of DNA, and will we not "create life" ourselves? (No, we do not know the structure of DNA, and if, God forbid, we create life, it will be twisted and perverted, like ourselves).

  • Have we not been to the moon, and will we not "conquer the whole universe"? (Perhaps not; there is alarming evidence that that "Moon" was really a movie studio. But regardless of whether or not we reached the moon, if we have no control over our own evil inclinations, we will never "conquer" anything else either).

If you, dear reader, have no idea what I'm talking about, then you need to read this "Ark of Salvation" Web site, and soon. The time is short. For the "money lords" of the world are moving forward precipitously with a plan to pre-emptively establish a world banking dictatorship, within which all religions shall be strictly controlled. This means that money will be "god". Money, in case you didn't know it, is a cruel "god".

In a small number of years at the most, the jail door will swing shut, and you will become a prisoner of a "Reich" which will greatly exceed the cruelty of the "Third Reich" of Hitler, and which will probably last approximately 100,000 years -- if you let it happen.

There will be no escape, because it will be "One World", and it will be the same everywhere. Where will you escape to? Mars?

Here are just a very few of the features of the New World Order being prepared for you, as you sit helpless, fixated upon the gratuitous fake sex they feed you on your television (and -- trust me -- even the phony sex will be cut off, just as soon as that jail door swings shut. What possible point can there be in providing slaves and indentured servants with recreational "sex"?):


Characteristics of the "New World Order"

1. "Banking"

There will be a one-world electronic banking system, in which you will be merely a computer entry. Guess who will own the computers. You? Your "elected officials"? Not a chance!

No, the computers will be owned by those who already have more money than your mind is capable of imagining. And we're not talking about small fortunes like Bill Gates. We're talking about the kind of wealth which comes from seizing the "right" to create money itself. We're talking about limitless wealth. In fact, we're talking about the next level, beyond wealth itself, into the realm of pure power.

These people sit far, far back in the background. They don't give "press conferences", and their pictures are not on the cover of "People" magazine. Their power is derived, in part, from their invisibility. Yet they consider themselves to be your "gods". Do they not control the money? And isn't money "god"?

These people don't care whether you live or die. You're just a number to them. You're expendable. It is they who shall own the computers. In fact, they already do.

This money elite shall call itself the "government". They already control at least 95% of your whole life, and when they seize the last 5%, your "freedom" will be history. Remember the middle ages? Are you ready to be a 21st century cosmic serf?

If you are pleasing to this "government", i.e., if you keep your damned mouth shut, you will be left alone, like a milk cow who spends her entire life in a stall the size of her body, never moving, just providing goods for her owners.

But if you offend "Big Brother" in any way whatsoever, a few keystrokes on a remote computer will cut your money off. There will be no legal defense, because you'll have no money for a lawyer (except one the bank "generously" provides for you). It won't matter anyhow, since "criminal justice" will stem from the same computer system. Therefore, the only "justice" will be money, which you will no longer have.

By the way, this "banking system" is fully-designed and set for immediate implementation. This means right now. Do you want it? Just stay glued to that TV set.


Characteristics of the "New World Order"

2. Universal Identification System

There will be a one-world i.d. system, which Christians accurately refer to as the "Mark of the Beast". At first, it will be an all-inclusive universal "credit card", which will control access to everything in your life, including your bank account, your "health insurance" (as if anyone will care about your health), your "social security" (as if anyone will care about your "security"), and even access to your car and home.

It will, in that day, be very difficult for anyone to steal your car or break into your home. That's good!

Unfortunately, if you offend Big Brother in any way whatsoever, his agents will have the power to type a few characters on a remote keyboard somewhere, changing your access codes, so that you'll be locked out of your own home! This will "teach you a lesson fast" about who's in charge, in this "brave" new world you seem to crave so deeply. Go ahead -- just keep watching that TV.

By the way, this universal card system is already fully-developed and tested, and ready for immediate implementation.


Characteristics of the "New World Order"

3. Implantable Biochips

After a few more carefully-staged "terrorist" acts, or perhaps merely by orders given to a subdued and demoralized public, the cards will be replaced by implanted biochips. Your life as "Borg" will be launched! You thought it was "pretty cool" when you saw it on TV -- on that asinine pseudo-scientific exercise in Luciferian "theology" and intergalactic sex perversion, "Star Trek". How will you like it when the "Borg" is you?

"Resistance is futile".

Please note that these chips ALREADY EXIST, and have long-since been perfected. Millions and millions of tiny little button-sized chips are already being widely used in "high security" industries (see, for example, Currently, these chips remain external, attached to belts, wallet-cards or bracelets, but it's a trivial step for Big Brother to enact legislation to force you to consent to a 5-minute operation to implant the buttons into your living flesh.

Do you doubt that this is what is planned for the future? Apparently, Hollywood disagrees with you. When my sons were teenagers I had the "privilege" of seeing a cartoon called "Futurama"; yet another bird-brained exercise in Luciferian thinking. In this particular episode, the hero, a totally dumbed-down looking young man, fled from his job. He got away on some sort of space vehicle, and heaved a sigh of relief at the thought that he'd really escaped from the oppression of his old job. Then panic overtook him. How could he have forgotten? He had a "career chip" implanted in him, and he couldn't change jobs unless the damned chip was removed. Ha, ha. Ha, ha-ha-ha. No, dear television watchers. There's nothing evil planned for you. Ha, ha-ha. (And that was years ago).

If you really doubt that a biochip lies in your future, then I shouldn't even bother telling you about the research already done on secretly-implanted chips in unknowing federal prisoners, and how they can be kept completely subdued for weeks on end by merely beaming radio-frequency energy of a certain wavelength into the chips. And, if you saw the ill-intentioned movie "Conspiracy Theory", then you already know about federal programs such as MK-Ultra. Well, MK-Ultra was over 30 years ago, and there has not been a single minute since then that your "government" has not labored furiously to perfect systems designed to control your mind, for evil. No, you have enough to worry about without hearing those things.


Characteristics of the "New World Order"

4. Freedom to Travel? No More.

Control of transportation is already extensive, via "easy-pass" type toll systems. If you have "easy-pass" the government can easily follow you from one end of the country to the other. Even if you don't have "easy-pass", a toll booth clerk can i.d. you at the speed of light by video scanning of your license plate. This is already being done at border points between the United States and Canada and Mexico. Soon, it will be implemented domestically also.

Only a few short years ago I said the following was coming in the future, but it's already here: All cars now have a remote-controlled ignition cut-off system which can be activated from a distance. If you insist on asking about it, you'll be told it's an "anti-theft device". A mass test was recently performed in the southwest, where hundreds of cars were brought to a complete standstill by a signal from an overhead helicopter. Verily, you cannot escape from Big Brother in an automobile.

Remember Twilight Zone's "Monsters on Maple Street"? Well, it's here. But, as I told you before, the "enemy" is not some weird space alien. The enemy is you, because you thought it was "cool" when you saw it on TV.


Characteristics of the "New World Order"

(5) Food, Weather, etc.

The "government" already owns most of the farmland. If they want you to eat, you'll eat. But if, in the near future, they decide that they want food shortages for any reason, you'll starve. It doesn't have to be a "good" reason. It merely has to be their reason. Of course, in the "newspapers", there will be a lame explanation (like "bad weather", which they will have actually been manipulating).

You will swallow their explanations whole, because you will have no other source of information.

And when you do eat, you'll eat what you're told to eat, because nothing else will be available.

Yes, the weather is already being extensively manipulated, albeit in a crude fashion, but this will surely be refined as time goes by. In the future, if Big Brother -- for any reason good or bad -- wants constant rain in your area, you'll be wet. Get ready.

The truth about weather control is so widely known at this point that they're making movies about it -- trash like "The Avengers", for example. This way, when the full story emerges, everyone will think "yeah, we know all about that". Do you really? Tell me: How many people have died, or had their homes and lives destroyed by frivolous weather manipulations? I don't think you know "all about that". But don't worry. You'll find out soon enough.


Characteristics of the "New World Order"

6. "Health"

Medical care, already money-driven, will become essentially a subsidiary of the one-world banking industry. Only ineffective and overpriced pseudo-remedies will be available -- not to "cure" you, but to enrich others. How do I know this? Because I'm a doctor, and I know that it's already started. Trust me, it's going to get worse.

An unknown (but large) percentage of virus research these days is devoted to creation of new disease organisms, and not to their cure. AIDS is only a single example; many others are known. The purpose? Population control, and the bringing about of a general state of debilitation--i.e., to make the masses easier to rule over and/or kill. Your "leaders", of course, will be vaccinated or otherwise protected.

As in the case of weather control, movies have been made about this. "Beevis and Butthead Do America", a full-length cartoon feature starring the not-quite-lovable sociopathic teenagers, was about a government-created killer virus, which accidentally got sewn into the lining of the boys' pants. Ha ha ha. It also depicted the police-state brutality of federal agents pursuing the boys to recover the government's new "toy". Ha ha.

But the joke is on us. The purpose of this movie, and other "entertainment" items like it, is so that when the full truth comes out, people will say "yeah, yeah, we know all about that". Do you really? I haven't given you the full list of "new" diseases which are alleged by many to have been created, for evil. These include Lyme Disease, Mad Cow Disease, Gulf War Disease, and a number of new flu-like viruses, at least one of which is believed to cause a particularly severe form of diabetes. I believe that most of these allegations are true, and even if only 10% of them are, we're in serious trouble. Do you really know all about it?


Characteristics of the "New World Order"

7. Religion

Orthodox Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the natural enemies of one-world banking. Don't forget that the Son of Man said "you can't serve two masters". It's either God or Money. You've chosen Money. You've made this choice over and over and over again --- repeatedly, throughout the millennia. God forbid! Now you're about to feel the sharp sting of one-world bank dictatorship; a brutal soul-less world of power, money, and corruption. You're about to go to Hell.

If you do not take immediate action, there will come a future time when your grandchildren come to realize what you've done to them. On that day they will mount your pictures on their urinals, and piss on you. This they will do because you entertained, enlarged and gratified all your worldly desires, and had no thought for their welfare.

So, unless you act soon, in the near future your "god" will indeed be Money. True religion will have to be blotted out. After 4,000 years, the Golden Calf will be back. You WILL bow to Him, or else your legs will be broken.

In that day, all human history will be cancelled. You will be "Borg". Your new "life" of ceaseless unrest and torment will be established, from which there will be no escape.

How did it all come about?



A Comprehensive History Of
Our Failed Attempt To
"Make A World" For Ourselves


The following history reviews selected examples of the types of errors which have brought you to the brink of total physical and moral ruin; a disaster from which you cannot possibly recover except by a radical change in your most fundamental values.

For those of you who have never heard of a God, and who thought that science had all the answers (but can you afford them?), there may be "too much religious talk" here. But stick with it. It gets very, very "secular". As you read -- if you can stand it -- the horrendous truth will be gradually driven home to you -- kind of like a nail being driven through your wrist.


The Enemy Was You All Along

Throughout all history, you yourself have been the enemy who brought this ugly future upon yourself. All your decisions -- i.e., the decisions you have made, and the decisions made by your forefathers who thought exactly as you think now -- all your decisions have been wrong decisions. Here are 21 representative major mistakes you -- i.e.all of us -- have made, which, collectively, have brought us to the door of Hell. If, God forbid, we really cross that threshold, then there's no return:


Mistake #1

Garden of Eden - you chose "the world" over God


The Bible teaches (click here if you would like to read a brief summary of Bible history) that in the Beginning, man existed in a state of perfection. Then came a critical decision, made in the place the Bible calls the Garden of Eden. That decision was a decision in favor of "the world", and against God. That which you already had -- which, in this world, is called "wealth", "pleasure", and "security" -- was taken away.

You are -- at this very moment -- in the midst of an eternity of effort to regain what you already had. You will never get there -- unless you correct the original error. I can show you the few pieces of the puzzle which have been revealed to me. No man, however, knows the whole truth. That is why faith is always required to move forward.

The monumental mistake which you made was described in brief but sufficient detail in Genesis, Chapter 3. Read this as parable if you simply cannot accept it as history, but one way or the other, do read it, because the likes of Carl Sagan, Francis Crick, Gerald Edelman and the other false prophets of "modern science" have not come up with a chemical explanation. Nor shall they; no, not in a hundred thousand years.

The essence of the story is well-known. Adam and Eve ate from the "apple tree", forbidden by God, and they were punished. How quaint.

Actually, it was not an apple tree. It was a "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil". Whoever eats from this tree is born into the world, and loses God. Here's what the Bible actually says:

And when [Eve] saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat; and she gave also unto her husband with her, and he did eat.

And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked...

(Genesis 3:6-7)

When you reflect deeply on the meaning of this passage, you will see that a decision was made to grab the things that looked good, and that tasted good. There was also that word "wise", but the wisdom was not knowledge of God and His ways. No, in those original times God was physically present; there was nothing more we needed to "know". Thus, the word "wisdom", in that setting, meant the cleverness to successfully grab more, and more, and more... without limit, and without rest.

Like shoplifters unaware of a security camera, we were caught by the LORD, the King of Kings of "security". We were convicted by the words of our own mouths, and condemned to separation from Him; ejected from the presence of He Who had already provided us with everything we needed.

And what reward did we receive for our decision to be "out here"? None, really. You see, the desires for wealth, power and physical pleasure are never, ever filled. There's no end to the struggle.

The only "benefit" we received in exchange for being thrust out of the presence of God was the illusion that we -- each of us -- could be "the boss"; that we could "become gods"; that we could "make a world for ourselves".

It you think that the above-mentioned "benefits" are good, then, in your heart, you have declared money to be your "god". Because, verily, in this world money controls all power, and all pleasure.

If you actually have the intention of making a decision for "the world", i.e. for money, then a 100,000-year World Banking Dictatorship has been prepared for you. It will be a living Hell, so prepare to roast.



Mistake #2

Mount Sinai - you reject the Law

The Bible teaches that Moses received the Law from God on Mount Sinai, about 3,200 years ago. Afro-Centrists are fond of pointing out that parts of the Law can be found on tomb walls from ancient Egypt. This would not be surprising since God is older than Egypt, and His Law existed from before the Beginning. However, the ancient Egyptian form of "law", and the interpretation thereof, were rejected by God. They are not coming back. (And if you don't believe me, ask any modern-day God-fearing Egyptian Muslim).

The same can be said of all the other ancient false "laws". None of them is coming back.

The only extant law ever known to the world was the Law given on Mount Sinai, and the numerous interpretations and re-writings thereof. We have no other law.

Any statement to the contrary, or any theory that "law" springs spontaneously from the "purity" of man's inner self, is sheer nonsense. Nothing emerges from the gut of man but dung; nor shall it.

At the foot of Mt. Sinai, as reported in the book of Exodus, the Children of Israel -- the moral predecessors of all Jews, Christians, and Muslims -- said three times "We do", when asked whether or not they accepted God's Law. They were lying each time. They had no intention of accepting any such thing.

Nor do you, at least not to this day.

Now, 3,200 years later, God is giving you one last chance to accept this Law. We have the benefit of millennia of hindsight. If we accept this Law now, we can still be saved.

Deny Him again and we will be plunged irretrievably into a brutal and ugly World Banking Dictatorship from which there will be no escape. If, tragically, you make the wrong decision again, you will suffer the consequences. The choice is yours. The reward is yours. The punishment is yours.


Mistake #3

Ancient Israel - you reject God and demand a "king"

Because the New World Order is a form of "government", you need to know the parts of history which pertain to government in order to understand it.

In the beginning, every nation had a king. Nowadays, we're all just exploding with false pride about having rid ourselves of our kings. Are we not "free"? Watch out -- there's a new "king" in the wings, and he's ready to whip your butt.

The first important nation to rid itself of kings was Israel. After the Exodus, Moses made God the King of Israel. The Law of the nation was God's law. It benefited no man; least of all Moses. He had a fundamentally very difficult life, having had to carry about 2,000,000 rude and unappreciative people on his shoulders for 40 years. He made no money, he accumulated no wealth, and he had no harem of women to "entertain" him. Everything he did, he did because the Almighty commanded him to. He was afraid not to.

The legal code we call the "Law of Moses" was made by God, and Moses received no personal benefit from it. In stark contrast, when men make their own "law", the men who make the "law" invariably profit from it. They get rich, they kill their "enemies", and they surround themselves with worthless women who provide "favors" for them.

When men (or, these days, women) make the law, they benefit, and the nation languishes. When God makes the law, no individual benefits, but the nation prospers.

Follow the money, and the answer will come to you.

The nation of Israel, under God's law, and with no "king" but the King of Kings, rose to dizzying heights of power. However, at the point where their success was fully established, they fell into the devil's trap. They demanded a "king", because they wanted to be like all the other nations! God forbid.

The unofficial head of Israel at the time was the high priest, Samuel. Read what he said, because the curse he pronounced upon Israel is upon you to this day:


1st Book of Samuel
Chapter 8, verses 4-20

4. Then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together, and came to Samuel unto Ramah,

5. And said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations.

6. But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the LORD.

7. And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.

8. According to all the works which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day, wherewith they have forsaken me, and served other gods, so do they also unto thee.

9. Now therefore hearken unto their voice: howbeit yet protest solemnly unto them, and show them the manner of the king that shall reign over them.

10. And Samuel told all the words of the LORD unto the people that asked of him a king.

11. And he said, This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots.

12. And he will appoint him captains over thousands, and captains over fifties; and will set them to ear his ground, and to reap his harvest, and to make his instruments of war, and instruments of his chariots.

13. And he will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cooks, and to be bakers.

14. And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants.

15. And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants.

16. And he will take your menservants, and your maidservants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses, and put them to his work.

17. He will take the tenth of your sheep: and ye shall be his servants.

18. And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you; and the LORD will not hear you in that day.

19. Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel; and they said, Nay; but we will have a king over us;

20. That we also may be like all the nations; and that our king may judge us, and go out before us, and fight our battles.


"Fight our battles"? What about self-reliance? Israel had risen by its own efforts under God's law, with no king but the King of Kings. "Fight our battles"? What wimps they had become!

This story, from the first Book of Samuel, is your own story. Remember that the entire western world, for better or worse, considers itself to be the heir of the tradition of ancient Israel.

Genesis 49:10 makes reference to a "sceptre of Judah", which embodies the heart and soul of the Israeli nation, and which can evidently be passed on. Jews believe this "sceptre" to reside with them, to this day. But Christians believe that the sceptre passed to them, through Christ.

Muslims believe that Muhammad took that same sceptre, and gave it to Islam.

Whether you believe in a "sceptre" or not is entirely irrelevant. You live in the West, and this is your tradition. The entire West is either Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, and everyone else has tagged along for the ride.

The plain and simple fact of the matter is that you have had a "king" since the days of the Prophet Samuel. And just as he foresaw, 3000 years ago, you have always HATED your "king". Do you really think you "know it all"?


Mistake #4

33 A.D. You choose Rome over the Son of Man

The Son of Man (Yeshua ben Yosef, called "Iasous" by the Greeks and "Jesus" by the English) was sent into the world to be tortured and murdered on our behalf. That He died as an atonement for our sins is made sufficiently clear by the Bible, which states, explicitly, "with His stripes [wounds] we are healed" (see the Folder called "Yeshua Messiah-Jesus Christ" if you don't know this prophecy).

When the Son of Man rode into Jerusalem on an ass, many believed in Him. But the great majority preferred worldly power, money and pleasure, and had little interest in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Rabbis put it most succinctly when they said "it is expedient that one [innocent] man should die, than that the whole nation perish" (John 11:50).

So your predecessors scourged and crucified the Son of Man. He died, and guess what! The whole nation perished anyway! You have been dying, and your whole nation perishing, ever since. Very smart!

Most of you delight in pretending that, had you been alive back then, you would have been among those who stood up for the Son of Man. I'm afraid that I don't believe you. Our greedy and bloodthirsty behavior reveals our inner selves. We have not changed. That "Jesus" bumper sticker on your car may fool your fellow parishioners, but it doesn't fool me.

No, we killed the Son of Man, and we kill Him still. Every time we choose money and violence over God, we pound another nail into his wrist. But it no longer hurts him. It's really our own wrists we're pounding nails into.


Mistake #5

Council of Nicaea. You choose political doctrine over humility.

In the late 4th century, a duplicitous pagan named Constantine became Emperor of your all-time and still-favorite empire, Rome. Seeing opportunity knocking, he pretended to convert to Christianity, to ingratiate himself to the masses. Many were deceived. Many are still deceived, to this day.

The history books tell us that this sun-worshipping liar was riding around on his horse, when a giant cross appeared in the sky, and he supposedly heard a voice saying "In This Sign, Conquer". Yeah, right.

But to this day, the only part of Christianity you have consistently supported has been the "In This Sign, Conquer" part. To this day, most "Christians" will not be fully satisfied until the streets run red with the blood of Jews, Muslims and other "enemies". God forbid.

So Constantine, seeking total world power (which, incredibly, was even then called the "New World Order"!), convened the Council of Nicaea, the first of four pivotal world Councils. The purpose of these councils was to dethrone God, and to make religion a tool of Roman power. Toward this end, a doctrine was formulated, concerning the "nature of Christ". He was proclaimed, by Caucasian European Bishops, to be God Himself, the third part of a Holy Trinity.

The dissenting opinion, held mainly by Middle Eastern and African Bishops (many of whom were Arab and Negro), was that the "nature of Christ" was that he was a man. These Bishops were from areas largely outside the boundaries of total Roman political power.

The truth is that the "nature of Christ" cannot be known to human beings, whose minds are capable of conceiving little beyond greed, lust and hatred. The desire to proclaim a "nature of Christ", holy and pure-sounding though it may seem on paper, is no such thing. It is merely the external manifestation of a deep and abiding lust for worldly power.

It was West against East, and the "nature of Christ" was the battlefield. I doubt whether anyone at that Council really cared what the "nature of Christ" was in the first place, but they all cared about being on the "winning side". Does this sound familiar?

The history books adequately record the corruption and political intrigue which characterized the Council of Nicaea. The "winner" of that ludicrous battle was Rome, of course. Money talks. The Caucasian Bishops of Europe, taking full advantage of the wealth and power of the Roman Empire, engineered a political "victory" over the Arab and African Bishops from the land where Christ lived and died. Christ was declared "God" by a democratic majority of created mortals, and the dissenters were excommunicated.

It may seem like a small thing now, but for Bishops who had devoted their whole lives to the service of God through Christ to be excommunicated, by a colluding band of Europeans most of whom had never set foot in Israel, was intolerable. The stage was fully set for the later rise of Islam, which was the definitive and permanent answer to the political chicanery of the Council of Nicaea.


Mistake #6

7th Century. Arabia converts to "Islam"...

... but promptly turns it into a program of mass murder.


The Prophet Muhammad became the focal point for a gathering of all those who had been expelled from Roman religion for the "crime" of rejecting the "Nicene Creed".

Muhammad preached that Christ was indeed a "man", although a thoughtful consideration of Islamic teaching reveals that the divine nature of Christ was actually fully comprehended. The problem then, as now, was mainly in the interpretation of language. Muhammad objected to the use of language which suggested that God had had a literal physical relationship with a human female, with the obvious consequences thereof. Yet, under the pounding influence of the upholders of the Nicene Creed, who were rigidly uncompromising in their teachings, this sort of imagery was unavoidable.

Muhammad did not consider himself to be the founder of any new religion, but merely a practitioner of the original religion of Abraham, the founder of Judaism. He perceived his primary purpose as being the same also as that of Abraham, namely the removal of idolatry, which was still prevalent in Arabia at that time (as it is today in America, under various disguises).

The Holy Prophet of Islam was implacable in his opposition to all forms of idolatry, and to all forms of worship which placed an "intercessor" between man and the One God (although oddly enough, modern-day Muslims pray for Muhammad's intercession!).

Contrary to what most people would imagine today, Muhammad taught that all who believe in the Jewish and Christian scriptures would be saved (see, for example, Qu'ran 2:62 and 5:69; many other examples can be cited). However, no sooner had he died, then his "followers" declared that all who believe in the Jewish and Christian scriptures should be killed. Hey, where did that come from?

You know the rest of the story.

Although most of you will not be able to relate to the following statement, since most of you are not Arabs, I can assure you that it is true: If you had been an Arabian, living in the days just after the death of Muhammad, you would almost surely have joined in with the anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and generally anti-Caucasian program of mass murder and suppression which has been ongoing ever since the death of the Holy Prophet.

You always have joined in with such things in the West. Why not the East also?


Mistake #7

The "Crusades"

Dateline 1099 A.D. Christians, still trying to "Conquer In This Sign", seized Jerusalem. The streets ran red with the blood and guts of the innocent victims of causeless anti-Islamic hatred.

The Temple Mount, the holiest spot on earth, was repeatedly raped in the course of a seven-year excavation by the so-called "Templars". This revealed the true purpose of the "Crusades": They were a failed attempt to recover the Ark of the Covenant -- not so that God could be worshipped, but because


"The army which marches with the Ark before it is invincible."

(approximate quote from overt Luciferian filmmaker, Steven Spielberg, "Raiders of the Lost Ark").


So the holiest spot on earth was shamelessly dug up and defiled. No Ark was found. Once again, mankind had chosen the pursuit of worldly military power over fear of God. As usual, nothing of any lasting value was accomplished.

In 1192, after a century of chaos, the European Christians were expelled from the Holy Land by the Muslim conquerer Saladin. Shortly thereafter, the Pope, whose power was almost usurped by the upstart Templars, excommunicated them all. Many were tortured and executed. Those who were able to, fled. These soon re-appeared as the "Freemasons", who have been jerking the world's puppet strings from their secret hiding places ever since.

What a privilege it has been to live in "their" world.


Mistake #8

The "Reformation"

The medieval Catholic Church evolved into a veritable whorehouse of festering corruption. Martin Luther, a man embodying the best and worst of human nature in a single personality, stood up to this corruption, waging a grand spiritual war against the Church.

Unfortunately, these new "Protestant" Christians failed to deal with their arrogant and blood-thirsty hatred for Jews and Muslims, and are still, in essence, trying desperately to "Conquer In This Sign". The Council of Nicaea was rejected, but in name only. Protestants have not moved an inch from the teachings of the Council of Nicaea, and the truth of the matter is that the beliefs of Protestants and Catholics to this day are virtually identical. The predominant teaching of both Churches -- vastly more important than their "religious" teachings -- is hatred of Jews, Muslims, and various ethnic groups (this latter part varying somewhat from locality to locality).

This Lutherian "Reformation" will not truly be over until the bodies of Jews, Muslims, and many people of color are torn apart and hung up on poles, so that the world can see this so-called "power of Christ" in all its hideous glory. How many more millennia of this must we endure?


Mistake #9

The Bank of England - modern money fraud begins

History has recorded no financial institution more wicked that the Bank of England. In 1690, King William of Orange needed money to wage war against France. To make a long story short (the long version is elsewhere -- see Table of Contents for folder on "Money"), the King, in return for a small loan from one William Patterson, extended to Patterson the right to issue his own currency!

To put this into perspective, just keep in mind that if you dared to do what Patterson did, you would be arrested, tried and convicted of counterfeiting so fast it would make your head spin.

But the King said "yes" to Patterson's deal. The money-printing operation Patterson created was duplicitously named "The Bank of England", even though it was a private, for-profit business. Shortly after the bank's creation, it became quickly evident that a controlling interest had been acquired by the Rothschild family, few of whose members were British. This Bank financed British imperial expansion during the glory days of the British Empire.

It used to be said that "the sun never set upon the British Empire", but another light -- the light of freedom originally lit by the Magna Carta -- set. Under the Bank, England degenerated into a whorehouse of special privilege for the few on the one hand, and an ever-enlarging mass of despondent poor on the other. But no need to worry excessively about the poor; they were "provided" for, as Charles Dickens' Ghost of Christmas Past reminded us:


"Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?..."

"Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?..."

"Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?..."

"Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?..."


As for the King, he became a mere puppet of the bankers. The real "king", ever since, has been the Bank itself.

The ready willingness of William and his successors to permit what in sane times would have been called "treason" -- treason against himself, and treason against his country -- is astonishing to say the least. Ah, but it generated a lot of "money".

This is why we say that this was yet another example -- and a most significant one at that -- of man choosing money over God.


Mistake #10

The American Revolution

On the face of it, the American Revolution had the earmarks of a turning point for all mankind. For the first time in almost exactly 3,000 years, since the days of the Jewish-Christian-Muslim prophet Samuel (see "Mistake #2" above), a Western nation proclaimed that they would have "no king"!

The implication, although not explicitly stated in America's Declaration of Independence, was "no king but the King of Kings", or, in the language of the (generally) Christian Founding Fathers, "no King but Jesus".

The nominal King at that time, George III (and the de facto King, The Bank of England), undoubtedly thought the concept to be hysterically funny. "No king?! Ha! What nation ever existed without a king?"

The Colonists, at first, seemed to have proven them wrong. The British appeared to have been thrust out by the American Revolution, and the Thirteen Colonies proclaimed themselves to be "One Nation Under God". Well, not entirely under God.

For one thing, the "One Nation Under God" was built on stolen territory. The situation may be summed up in a quote attributed to the famous Indian fighter, Buffalo Bill Cody, in his last year of life:

"I never led an expedition against the Indians but I was ashamed of myself, ashamed of my government, and ashamed of my flag; for they were always in the right and we were always in the wrong. They never broke a treaty, and we never kept one."

(From On the Border with Crook, by Captain John G. Bourke, 1892, p. 226; quoted in The Gospel of the Redman, by Ernest Thompson Seton & Julia M. Seton, Seton Village 1966, p. 40, available through the Boy Scouts of America).

Above and beyond that, the lack of central authority caused problems from the start. The original Articles of Confederation, which prescribed virtually nothing in the way of a central government, quickly gave way to the current Constitution, which created a central government of LIMITED powers. One of these was the power to mint gold and silver coins, and to regulate their value. BUT ... the printing of unbacked paper money -- the practice which both built up and ultimately tore down the British Empire -- was BANNED.

Then, in 1791, a scant 16 years after the Revolution, the Congress of the United States, showing an early predisposition toward treason, violated the new Constitution by voting in a 20-year charter for a central bank. Called the "First United States Bank", it was -- contrary to what its name suggested -- a private stock company, and an exact clone of the Bank of England, even having largely the same old-European-blood-line banking families on its Board of Directors.

Like its godless role model back in "merry" old England, this new private money machine immediately began printing unbacked paper money.

Unless you majored in economics in college, the following quote, from the Encyclopedia Britannica, will be incomprehensible to you:

"At this time the issuance of notes was a more conspicuous feature of banking than were deposits. Bank notes entered circulation as the money banks lent to their borrowers and comprised most of the total currency in circulation."

If you understood what the above statement meant, you'd get out your pitchfork, look for the nearest banker, and disembowel him. To make a very long story short, it means you live in a two-caste society. One caste has the "right" to create money and lend it out at interest. This caste comprises a tiny percentage of the population, but enlarges itself through a network of blood relatives, "friends", and intimate business associates. ".

The other caste is you. Your rights? You have the right to borrow their intrinsically worthless money, and to pay it back, with interest. The bankers do no work to create the money, but you have to work like Hell to pay it back. I said "Hell", and I meant Hell. If you consent to a one-world Bank Dictatorship, your descendants will be in debt before they're born, and they'll spend the rest of their wretched lives paying back the "loan".

Christian patriot Tom Schauf has proven conclusively -- from the Federal Reserve's own public literature (!) -- that in America today, if you borrow money, take out a mortgage, or even use a credit card, you put yourself into painful debt to some "lending" institution, even though that institution never gave you a nickel of its own money. The potentially harmful effect of widely-disseminating this information is so great, that I speak of it with the greatest trepedation. However, the Hour of Final Decision is close, and if the truth is not told now, when shall it be?

But back to the 19th century. Immediately upon the chartering of the First U.S. Bank, the government was suddenly flush with "money". To the surprise of few, a sickeningly familiar system of corruption quickly reared its ugly head. In 1811, the enemies of the Bank, which they referred to as a "Hydra of Corruption", blocked a renewal of the Bank's charter. Was the country back on the path to "no king but Jesus"?

No, it was not. Five years later, in 1816, our money-loving Congress passed a bill creating a Second United States Bank, which was the same as the first! Money talked.

Andrew Jackson, the last true patriot and Christian to preside over this potentially-great nation, gutted the Second U.S. Bank in 1832. Jackson was a very popular man, and in killing the "Hydra of Corruption", he defied both Houses of Congress, the majority of whose members had evidently been bribed or blackmailed into voting pro-Bank. Jackson relied exclusively on popular support. Historians refer to this period of American history as the "Bank War". The War was fought to a successful conclusion, and The People prevailed.

In winning this "war", the American people seemed to have chosen God over money. But it was not to last.

It is interesting to note that the Bankers vehemently insist, in every time and place, that you can't possibly survive or be happy without a "hydra-of-corruption" style Central Bank. Yet, between 1832, when Jackson gutted the Bank, and 1913, when America's new and current "king" -- the Federal Reserve Bank -- was established, the nation grew to become the most powerful on earth ... without a Central Bank. So who is the Bank really for? For you? Or for itself?

I think you know the answer.


Mistake #11

The American Civil War


Wasn't the Civil War a manifestation of God's will on earth?

Not exactly. The institution of Negro slavery, based upon an ignorant reading of Genesis 9:20-27, was evil, and was already destined for removal. But every other nation got rid of their slavery without a war (except for certain African and Arabic nations, which have slavery to this day). Only America "needed" a war. Why?

The public version of the story is that Congress was about to vote a legal ban on slavery, and the Southern States seceded. I have no reason to doubt this. Nevertheless, there are two aspects of the full story that are not taught in school.

One is that the international Bankers, still smoldering over Andrew Jackson's gutting of their precious Central Bank, intended to use the war for their usual purpose, namely to make a Hell of a lot of money. They proposed lending money to the Union (and, if I know bankers, to the Confederacy as well). The interest rate they demanded was so exorbitant that Lincoln was prompted to say:

"I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe".

Wow! That adds a whole new perspective to the War, does it not?

So Lincoln did something which might make him a hero in the eyes of some. He printed paper money. It was unconstitutional, but he was popular, and he did it, and he "got away" with it. Or did he?

The money he printed, called "Greenbacks", had nothing behind it but Lincoln's promise to redeem it in gold after the War. The bankers raised Hell, emphasizing pointedly that paper money was illegal under the Constitution. What hypocrites! Wait 'till you see what they did when the opportunity finally arose.

But that's another story, which we'll get to presently. For now, let it be noted that the War ended and the Greenbacks, true to Lincoln's promise, were redeemed in gold. Then they were retired. "Retired", not destroyed. They re-emerged later, and led the way to the corrupt banking "system" we have today. See below.

Another, and more subtle effect of the Civil War was the 14th Amendment to the Constitution (1868). The publicly-stated purpose of the 14th Amendment was the establishment of United States citizenship for freed Negro slaves. That sounds nice, does it not? Ah, but, in retrospect, it can be seen that the 14th Amendment had another, more sinister purpose. The Amendment reads

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

The implication is that a "citizen of the United States" is "under the jurisdiction thereof". Does this sound harmless? Although most Americans do not know it, there was no such thing as a "citizen of the United States" before the Civil War. If you were born in one of the States, you were automatically a citizen of that State, and if you were a citizen of one of the States, you were automatically a "citizen of the United States". But you were not necessarily "under its jurisdiction".

Does this seem subtle? It's anything but. According to any reasonable reading of the Constitution, you only fall under the "jurisdiction of the United States" if you are involved in activities which lawfully place you under that jurisdiction, such as, for example, interstate commerce. Once your business crosses a state line, it's no longer clear which state has jurisdiction, so, under the Constitution, the federal government takes jurisdiction.

But the Constitution very explicitly prohibits federal meddling with matters other than interstate commerce, and the other clearly-specified areas of jurisdiction which fall under the "enumerated powers". ALL OTHER POWERS are explicitly reserved to the States and/or the people by the 10th Amendment. It was never intended that the federal government would be the equivalent of a "king", with absolute and arbitrary power (i.e., "jurisdiction") over all citizens in all matters.

But the 14th Amendment established a new category of American citizen; namely the "citizen of the federal government"..."under the jurisdiction thereof". There is no limitation placed upon this jurisdiction, which means, in effect, the federal government is "king" over all who fall into the spider's web of the 14th Amendment. So who falls into it?

In 1868, only freed slaves fell under it. Today, the dragnet thrown out by this sly amendment has pulled everyone in. If you're an American, this means you!

In other words, a "king" was appointed over you in 1868. Are you beginning to understand why I'm taking all this time to talk about the Civil War? The upshot of this war was that God was, yet again, rejected as King, and the federal government began what has become a relentless and unceasing program of expropriation of unlawful power over you. Whether you know it or not, and whether you believe it or not, you are, today, a serf in a feudal system which is carefully disguised to look like a "democracy".


Mistake #12

British-style paper money is declared "legal tender" in America

The federal government, itching for money and power, brought Lincoln's Greenbacks out of retirement in 1878. The reason? They needed money for imperial expansion (into places like the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, etc.). The money was sitting there, in vaults. Like Adam and Eve in the Garden, they were tempted, and they succumbed. They reached out their sticky hands, and grabbed hold of the forbidden "money".

The Constitution prohibits paper money, and the reason has been given above. I'll give it again: Paper money is associated with the British "system", which legalizes what is, in effect, counterfeiting for a tiny privileged elite. The only "right" that you, the masses, have in this "system" is the "right" to borrow the phony money at interest, and to work your fingers to the bone to pay back the "loan". They do no work to "create" the money, which is nothing but plain paper, but you work yourself sick to "pay them back". Shame on anyone who supports this system!

The question of whether or not the Greenbacks were "legal tender" in the United States quickly went to the Supreme Court (Julliard vs. Greenman). Showing its traitorous side yet again, the Supreme Court declared that the paper notes of the United States of America were, indeed, "legal tender".

How could they justify this in a nation whose Constitution explicitly prohibits it? After all, Article I, Section 10, Clause 1 says

"No State shall ... make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts..."

This was the clause deliberately inserted by the Founding Fathers -- after lengthy consideration and debate -- for the express purpose of preventing the establishment of the malignant British "system" here. Yet the federal government indeed forced us to accept its intrinsically worthless British-style paper as "money"! How? By claiming "sovereignty"! The Court declared that the federal government had all the powers of European sovereignty, and, in effect, that it could do whatever the Hell it pleased.

On the date of that lying and duplicitous decision (March 3, 1884), the American Revolution finally ended. You lost.

No "king" but the King of Kings? Guess again.


Mistake #13

Income Tax

Most people think "personal income tax" is collected from the rich and doled out to the poor. Not a chance!

The income tax is, was, and always will be one of the two pillars of the corrupt British banking system instituted over there in 1690. These pillars are:

  1. The promotion of the illusion that it is "perfectly all right" for a private, for-profit bank to print intrinsically worthless paper money and lend it to the nation at interest, and
  2. The establishment of a "personal income tax" to force the people to pay the interest on the imaginary "loan".

The "right" to print money was all but established by the Julliard vs. Greenman case, described in brief above. In that instance the money was printed by the "government", but the bankers were 100% in favor of the decision. In fact, it's very difficult indeed to imagine that that corrupt decision was not rendered specifically for their benefit.

Be that as it may, history proves that they were then poised on the brink of their centuries-old dream: To be the source of all wealth; to essentially print the money themselves, and to make themselves creditors over the nation. Next, they needed an income tax, to fund the interest payments on the imaginary "loans" they were about to make.

Ah, but a "personal income tax" of this sort is prohibited by the Constitution -- and not by any accident, either. Remember that the intention of the Founding Fathers was to ban the British monetary system from this country. "Income tax" was the British way of raising huge amounts of profit money for the Bank of England, to cover the interest on their "loans" to the Crown.

For a more detailed discussion of the grand fraud called "income tax", see our folder on Money.

For now, suffice it to say that the establishment of an income tax in a nation whose Constitution prohibits it might seem like a monumental undertaking. But you forget how corruptible people are. Who do you know who's not for sale?

The bankers, already in control of much of the press, caused editorials to be published, proclaiming that the tax would only be upon "the rich", and that it "would make the rich pay its fair share of government". Doesn't that sound nice?

So an income tax was passed in 1894. It promptly went to the Supreme Court which, incredibly, rejected it! What changed? This Court had always been "for sale" before! Was the nation finally turning back to God?

Maybe, for that brief moment. But, if so, then it wouldn't last long. Whatever healthy thought process was manifested by the Court's rejection of the income tax, the tax was "destined" to return, and quickly. The bankers, enraged by the Court's decision, went to work with a vengeance, to get an amendment to the Constitution removing the prohibition against income tax. But they couldn't get it -- at least not in the form they required.

Nevertheless, by 1913, the government announced that the 16th Amendment, the "income tax" amendment, had been passed by 2/3 of the States, and was now law. There were, however, two large problems:

  1. According to students of this Amendment, it was never lawfully passed.
  2. The language of the Amendment only permitted taxation of income from income-generating properties, such as rental housing. Do you consider yourself to be an "income-generating property"? If so, WHOSE "property" are you?

Notwithstanding the deficiencies of the 16th Amendment, the government promptly and illegally began taxing personal income. Yes, they started with the "rich". But, as just about everyone knows, these days almost the entire burden of taxation is borne by the poor and middle class. The rich spend their money on accountants, whose job it is to make sure they pay no tax.

So much for "let the rich pay their fair share!" The bankers knew all along that you would soon be paying their share. But how were you to be overthrown? Answer: By taking advantage of your own greed and wickedness. Because you were perfectly willing to let the government illegally tax "the rich", the evil you intended for them rebounded on your own head. I warned you about this above, and you probably didn't believe me. Are you starting to get the big picture now?

When money is your ''god", evil-after-evil must come upon you. The greatest evil, however, still lies ahead.


Mistake #14

The Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank was passed in 1913, the same year as the income tax. In that year America, the "land of the free and the home of the brave" became the "land of the hopelessly enslaved and the home of the spineless".

The Federal Reserve Bank raised a lot of "money" for America. In other words: You sold your souls for money.

The "Fed" is an exact clone of the Bank of England, only bigger. It is private, and the international banking families -- largely the same ones who have been pulling your strings all along -- own it. Like its British predecessor, it prints intrinsically worthless paper money and lends it to America at interest.

(Actually, the Fed never prints anything, but the system is set up such that no money can be printed by the United States until the Fed gives the command, so they might as well be printing it themselves).

When the Fed creates money, it pays for the paper and ink only. That comes to about 2-1/2 cents per bill. Whether the bill is a $1 bill or a $1,000 bill makes no difference. They pay 2-1/2 cents, period. Then the money becomes theirs, all theirs.

Next, they "lend" the "money" to America, i.e., you, at interest. You must pay back that interest through "income tax", which means that you have to work 5 months a year to pay back a loan which was, in effect, counterfeit money printed for the cost of the paper and ink.

What power is it that gives rise to a privileged caste with the "right" to print money, while you only have the "right" to borrow it and pay interest on it? Why, the power of more money of course! It's the Devil's "Golden Rule": "He who has the Gold, makes the Rules!"

You were involved in each and every step which led to this disaster. You liked Abraham Lincoln because he freed the slaves. You forgot that Britain freed her slaves without a war. You wanted to have your way, which meant war. Wars cost money, and you didn't care where the money came from.

You liked Woodrow Wilson, who, in 1913, gave you an income tax and a Federal Reserve Bank. You liked the tax because you thought that only "the rich" would pay. It was as if Wilson had promised to rob the rich, and give the money to you! The fact that it was illegal to rob the rich -- or anyone else for that matter -- didn't bother you at all, as long as you believed that you would benefit.

You liked the Federal Reserve Bank because it gave stability to the banking system, and raised money for "social programs" (all of which have failed). Although the enemies of the Bank charged repeatedly that the apparent instabilities of the former banking system were intentionally created -- by the very same bankers who had been agitating for a Central Bank since 1775 -- you didn't care. You were only concerned with the stability of your own bank account, and whatever price that stability came at, it didn't matter to you. The fact that a Central Bank was (and still is) illegal and unconstitutional in this country didn't matter to you. You only cared about yourself.

God left this country in 1913, because you chose Gold. But did you get any of it? Of course not! Read on.


Mistake #15

The "New Deal"

As soon as the Federal Reserve Bank was inaugurated, it began printing money, and simultaneously lowering the "reserve rate". The "reserve rate" is the amount of gold and silver which must be on hand in order to legally print a $1 bill. Theoretically, even assuming that paper money is "legal" -- which it isn't -- a very, very liberal interpretation of the Constitution might possibly allow paper, if and only if it was merely an exact and literal representation of real money being held securely in a vault.

But the bankers wanted the real money; i.e. America's gold and silver. By lowering the "reserve rate", they were able to gradually free up America's bullion, so that it was no longer linked to paper money.

To put this into perspective, by about 1970, the reserve rate finally dropped to absolute zero. This means that your current "dollar bill" is intrinsically worthless. That's why its purchasing power drops every single year of your life, and for no other reason. Inflation is not some sort of "natural law of the universe"; it's merely the inevitable degradation of a currency whose gold and silver underpinnings have been progressively seized by foreign interests.

The pseudo-legal "right" to lower the reserve rate was, of course, bought, but don't expect the Congressional Record to reflect this.

Now the single biggest blow to the dignity and prestige of the American people, who, to this day, think that they live in a "free country" where the people are "sovereign", was the Great Depression. Here's how it worked.

In the 1920's -- the "Roaring 20's -- our Central Bank "expanded the currency". The first great power of the Bank is that it has the "right" to either print money, or not print money, and it has the second power of determining the interest rate at which that money will be loaned out. The bankers know that if they print lots of money, and lower the interest rate, everyone will borrow and go into debt. Businesses will expand, unemployment will diminish, and everyone will be "happy", because people care about nothing but money.

A unique feature of the "Roaring 20's" was buying "on margin", which meant that you could buy a $1 Wall Street stock with a dime. The other ninety cents didn't have to be paid until the stock was sold. Since, in the "Roaring 20's", everything went constantly up, and nothing went down, it was inevitable that the stock would be sold at a profit, and the $.90 would be paid. "Little people", like you, were suddenly able to buy stocks for ten cents on the dollar, and every stock went up. People put their life savings into the Stock Market, and -- at first -- everyone made money.

Next, the Fed pulled the rug out. The interest rate was raised, the margins were called in, and the printing of money ceased. As you know if you have ever borrowed money, the monthy payments in the beginning are almost all interest. If the interest rate doubles, your monthly expense doubles. Most "little people" cannot manage a doubling of their expenses, and they go under.

Businesses which sprung up like mushrooms in the "Roaring 20's" were often dependent upon continuing bank financing. But if no money was being printed, then there could be no loan, whether or not the borrower was creditworthy.

And, for those few fortunate enough to obtain a loan, the interest rate was painfully high.

The Crash of 1929 precipitated the Great Depression, which was carefully crafted and engineered, and executed with scientific precision. The Depression lasted until 1933. At that time President Franklin D. Roosevelt, whom some consider to have been a well-groomed traitor, handed all our gold over to the Fed, in exchange for a relaxation of the monetary policies which were perpetuating the Depression. The minute the Fed had the gold in their hands, the Depression ended. They got what they wanted.

Thirty years later, in 1963, the Fed tried to expropriate all our silver. If you were an adult living in America at that time, you will undoubtedly remember that we had real solid silver coins then. The Fed plan (which, as you well know, was eventually carried out) was to replace our real silver coins with phony base-metal look-alikes, thereby freeing up all that silver for grabs. There is a rumor widely spread in this country, which I am strongly inclined to believe, that President Kennedy ordered the printing of billions of dollars of paper "silver certificates" 90 days before his assassination, in a failed effort to block the seizure of our silver. (A "silver certificate" is what we used to call a "dollar bill", except that unlike current $1 bills, a "silver certificate" requires that $1 worth of silver be held indefinitely in the lawful Treasury of the United States).

If this rumor is true, than it can be said that John F. Kennedy was the first true Christian patriot to occupy the White House -- and shed blood for his country -- since Andrew Jackson. Be that as it may, Lyndon B. Johnson's first executive order when he took office was to call in all silver certificates, and within 10 years the silver was out of our coins, and into the vaults of the Fed bankers.

So, in 1913, you sold out God in favor of gold and silver. Now, God has left this country. Predictably, you didn't get any gold or silver either.


Mistake #16

You grant the federal government the "right" to spy on you

Roy Olmstead was a bootlegger during Prohibition. The federal government wanted him in jail, so they tapped his phones to obtain evidence against him. Wiretaps were illegal in the State of Washington, where this took place. The federal agents didn't even bother applying for a warrant; they evidently assumed that, as employees of a "sovereign" government (i.e., as your "king"), they could do whatever the Hell they pleased.

They got a conviction against Olmstead, and he appealed. In the famous Supreme Court decision Olmstead vs. the United States (1928), that Court, showing its true apostate colors, confirmed that the "government" (whoever that was at this point in history) did indeed have the "right" to tap your phone, even without a warrant -- even in a state within which wiretaps were illegal.

The King is dead! (This means you, as a member of what was formerly called the "popular sovereignty").

Long live the "king"! (This means your federal government, which was formerly called your "servant", and which now rules over you as "sovereign").

You can read the Olmstead case if you want to. But you must read the following chilling remarks, from the dissenting opinion of Justice Brandeis:


" the application of a constitution, our contemplation cannot be only of what has been, but of what may be. The progress of science in furnishing the government with means of espionage is not likely to stop with wire-tapping. Ways may some day be developed by which the government, without removing papers from secret drawers, can reproduce them in court, and by which it will be enabled to expose to a jury the most intimate occurrences of the home. Advances in the psychic and related sciences may bring means of exploring unexpressed beliefs, thoughts and emotions. 'That places the liberty of every man in the hands of every petty officer,' was said by James Otis of much lesser intrusions than these. To Lord Camden, a far slighter intrusion seemed 'subversive of all the comforts of society.' Can it be that the Constitution affords no protection against such invasions of individual security?"

(Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438 at 474)


Brandeis' words indeed came true. It is now the case, and fully-documented, that all your telephone calls are recorded. You don't believe it? Telephone calls are digitized anyway, and it's a simple matter to temporarily store them on today's huge, high-capacity computer disks (and the government has hard disks which are about 10 years ahead of what's permitted to be sold in CompUSA).

Once stored, your phone calls are analyzed automatically by "key word" programs. If you said nothing of interest to the "government" the call is presumably deleted. But if you utter the wrong "key word", you'll be investigated.

The specifics of where the buildings are located in which the taps are done, and what communications satellites and computer software are being used to spy on you, are all matters which have been discussed extensively in the free press. "Free" in this context means unregulated periodicals such as Media Bypass. Forget about the New York Times.

So, your phones are tapped. And it's all "legal". The Supreme Court said so: Not yesterday; not even last year; but way back in 1928.


Mistake #17

You grant the federal government the "right" to seize your property


In 1970, the IRS began stealing people's homes in satisfaction of "personal income tax" liens. I said "steal" and I meant "steal".

Congress never passed a law authorizing property seizures in personal income tax cases.

It's not a small thing. The Constitution has multiple guarantees against seizure of property without "due process of law"; the 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments, for starters. It's quite evident that the Founding Fathers went to great lengths to prevent some self-proclaimed dictator or "monarch" from grabbing property in America, as the King used to do in England.

So, what went wrong?

In that year, 1970, the IRS -- seeing that the nation was apathetic and subservient -- decided to take your property without any "process of law". But how?

Here's how. There were seizure regulations on the books for tax debtors whose debt lawfully arose from the federally-regulated occupations of sale of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. The IRS wanted to use those regulations on you. But the regulations were in the wrong book. They were in Title 27 (i.e., book 27) of the United States "Code of Federal Regulations" (CFR). That book is called "Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms". The IRS needed these regulations to be in Title 26, called "Personal Income Tax".

So they instructed the Printing Office to move them! Thus, without an act of Congress, or a court case, or so much as a drop of sweat, they got themselves the appearance of having had a new law passed.

Although this cheap trick placed property seizure laws into Title 26 of the CRF, there was still a problem. In the back of each volume of the CFR there used to be a "Table of Cross References", showing which punishments related to which crimes. The property seizure laws still cross-referenced to "Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms", and not "Personal Income Tax". This caused embarrassment to the IRS.

So they just removed the Tables of Cross References. Now there are none! Simple, no?

By the way, there are multiple statutes on the books which prove that the income tax is illegal and unconstitutional. If you go to any law library (I've gone to 4) and look for them on microfilm, you'll make the interesting discovery that when you get to those paragraph numbers, the record skips. They've been deleted from the public record! Truly, your "government" has been busy these last 30 years.


Mistake #18

You grant the federal government the "right" to seize your life

In 1973, the Supreme Court rounded out its season of treason by declaring that your very life has no value. So much for "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness".

I'm talking about Roe vs. Wade. When it was passed, everyone thought that abortions would be done the minute a promiscuous woman missed a period. At that point, most ignorant people thought, the fetus was merely a "glob of cells", with no life, and no legal rights.

The wise, and the God-fearing knew better. They knew from the start that you can't identify a point where a fetus "becomes alive". It's alive from the moment of conception. By what method would you determine when you had the "right" to kill it? By measuring its length? What if you get a short one? Remember the song "Short People Have No Reason To Live"? Are you telling me that that's really true now?

Or does it go by weight? But, again, what if you get a thin one? Will only the fat survive?

What about dates? How many days, or weeks, do you retain the "right" to murder a child? Is it one week? Or is it one month? Maybe 1-1/2 months?

And who decides what the correct date is? Do you take the mother's word for it? Or the father's? Or do you ask the obstetrician? What if he's been paid off?

It doesn't matter anyway. During the first decade of Roe vs. Wade, the public gradually came to realize that 2nd-trimester abortion was, in fact, "legal". And, although people didn't know or care, the fact of the matter was that third-trimester abortions were being done almost from the beginning.

It was not until the advent of the sickening, blood-thirsty, first-degree murder process called "partial birth abortion" that people finally began to understand that abortion was murder, and that it had to be stopped before it leapt out of the delivery room into the newborn nursery (which, by the way, has been publicly advocated by several Nobel Prize laureates).

From the newborn nursery, it's just a matter of time before death knocks on your door. And that, my friends, is what it's really all about. When you save the life of an unwanted child, the life you're really saving is your own.

God guarantees your right-to-life, not because you're "important", but because He said so. In the Torah, anyone who maliciously takes a life incurs the death penalty.

Your jails are full of blood-thirsty first-degree murderers whom you have spared, claiming yourselves to be morally "perfected". Really? Why are your garbage dumps full of the dead bodies of aborted fetuses who are innocent of all wrongdoing?

You are really, really sick.

And what's it all for? For a few moments of sexual pleasure. You murder babies in exchange for sex. But you never miss a chance to argue in favor of "saving the whales".

If nobody has told you before that abortion is murder, then you are not yet culpable. But I'm telling you now. If -- after you've seen the facts, and heard the correct logical arguments -- if you then still cling to your perverted sexual pleasures -- paid for by the blood of innocent children -- then I fear that you will go to Hell quickly. To read the logical arguments, click here.


Mistake #19

You grant the federal government the "right"
to kill you if you are politically incorrect

In the widely-publicized cases of Ruby Ridge and Waco (and numerous less-known cases), federal officers have murdered men, women and children who committed no capital crimes. In the case of Ruby Ridge, the husband of the murder victim had been charged with illegal firearms sales, a charge which was later dropped. In other words, there was no crime at all, capital or otherwise! But the victim's husband was a white supremacist, so, because you hated him, you didn't care that his wife was shot in cold blood. So much for "free speech".

In Waco, the "crime" was that David Koresh, the leader of the community there, according to the press, declared himself to be "Christ". Did he really say this? What's the difference? It's legal in America. Like the real Christ, he was murdered for what he said. It wasn't a capital crime then, and it isn't now.

In the nineteenth century, the Supreme Court said that federal officials could not presume to hide behind the skirts of the United States, but might very well be brought to trial for their crimes. See United States vs. Lee if you're interested in reading about this.

But, in this latter half of the 20th century, new federal pseudo-laws make federal agents immune from prosecution for virtually every crime they commit, as long as they act in "good faith". And what federal official doesn't act in "good faith"? As Mark Anthony said in Shakespeare's "Julius Ceasar", "they are all honorable men".

Good work, America. Now you can be shot to death without cause, and it's no longer a crime.


Mistake #20

You grant the federal government the "right"
to try you twice for the same crime

One of the bulwarks of our constitutional republic was the protection against "double jeopardy". The 5th Amendment of the Constitution reads...

...nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb...

Why this Amendment? In "merry" old England, if the King wanted you in jail, he would charge you with a crime. If you were acquitted, he would ask for, and be granted, another trial. Sooner or later, you went to jail.

In the sickness of the extreme publicity surrounding the trend-setting O.J. Simpson murder trial, every "white" American took note when he, a "black" man, was acquitted of murder by a "black" jury. "White" America was enraged! Every self-respecting hater of black skin color "knew" that OJ was "guilty".

So your "government", seeing a golden opportunity to further trash the Constitution, dragged Simpson into Federal Court, to try him again for the same crime. Of course, they changed the "name" of the crime. In the first trial, Simpson was charged with "murder". In the second trial, he was charged with "violating the civil rights of the slain" (i.e., by killing them). How creative!

In this second trial, a "white" jury found Simpson "guilty". America, thirsting for Simpson's blood, was thrilled. Was "justice" not done?

No, justice was not done! Simpson was tried twice for the same crime. Changing the name of the crime may have fooled some, but it didn't fool me.

Shortly thereafter, the federal government repeated their new trick in the Lemuel Nelson case. Nelson, a "black" youth, murdered a "white" Hassidic Jew in cold blood. Nelson had no idea who the victim was. He just felt like killing a white Jew, and the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yet a "black" jury found Nelson "innocent"! Not to worry. The feds, again sensing the blood lust of white America, dragged Nelson back in for a second trial, again for "violating the civil rights of the murder victim" (i.e., by killing him). As in the Simpson case, a "white" federal jury found Nelson "guilty". America's blood lust was again fulfilled. Justice was done.

Or was it?

The net effect of these cases -- enthralling though they may have been to those who still believe that innocence and guilt are based upon skin color -- the net effect was that the constitutional protection against double jeopardy was dealt a crippling blow.

It can be argued that neither of the above defendants was put "in jeopardy of life and limb" in the federal-second-trials, since the damages were "monetary". Unfortunately, the argument does not stand up to scrutiny in the light of the precise legal definitions of the terms "life" and "limb". To read more, see the Table Of Contents under the heading "Legal Nightmares". It contains a folder called "Death of our constitutional rights", which includes a discussion of the fine legal nuiances of the problem of "double jeopardy".


Mistake #21

You grant the federal government the "right" to subsume your nation into a godless
"New World Order", within which you will be a powerless serf

Woodrow Wilson, who gave you the Federal Reserve Bank and the Income Tax, also gave you the "League of Nations", a thinly-veiled bank front. Thank God, America didn't fall for it.

But you did fall for the "United Nations", didn't you?! The U.N. was built on the property of the Rockefeller family, and international banking families have controlled it every minute of its ugly life.

The United Nations murders, steals, destroys cultures and ethnicities, aborts infants, and spreads disease. After spreading diseases, U.N. "health" workers go in with questionable remedies and vaccines. There days, the vaccines are as likely as not to be contaminated with experimental germ-warfare agents. Who better to test such things on than the Third World?

You are on the brink of becoming a citizen of a global "nation". At the moment of this writing, the majority is still clinging frantically to the straw of belief in the theory that global government is a "good" thing. It may be -- but NOT this government.

If not the United Nations, then what? The LORD has prepared His own "New World Order" for the salvation of the world, based upon the Golden Rule. To read about it, click here.



























Electronic Harrassment At The Canadian Border

The following true story is typical of what's going on these days. A Canadian women spent a few days in New York. When she passed through customs on the way home, she was ordered out of her car. Agents began searching the car, bumper to bumper.

She was quiet at first, presuming that it was a "routine" check, or a mistake of some sort. But as the search continued, she became increasingly nervous, and she finally interrupted them to ask what-on-earth they were looking for. "That pair of shoes you bought at Saks Fifth Avenue", they replied.

You see, they had scanned her license plate as she came through customs. At the speed of light, the customs computer retrieved a record of every electronic transaction she had made in New York, including the credit card purchase of shoes. Since she didn't declare the shoes to the customs inspectors, she was in violation of the law.

In the future, such violations will surely be punished with great firmness and resolve. Don't even think of putting anything over on Big Brother!