What is a "Messiah"?


First of all, let us clear up our terminology. The Bible never uses the title "Messiah" to describe anyone who hasn't already come. The future savior of the whole world has no title in the Bible. Who is he (or she)?

In the book of Matthew (24:27) it is said that the coming of the Son of Man shall be "as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west". Now, the horizon is about 3 miles away in every direction. Many Christians therefore believe that the Son of Man will be 6 miles long, flying under his own power. Is this reasonable? Perhaps. Zechariah (14:4) says that he will land on the Mount of Olives, causing what is usually interpreted as a massive earthquake. Maybe he is 6 miles long.

What happens next, however, is not specified in scripture, but assumed by Christians to be true. A horrifying number of them believe that the 6-mile man will walk about in the world, ripping Jews and Muslims (and others) apart limb-from-limb, until the streets of the cities of the world run red with the blood of all those who refuse to submit to the Christian religion. Is this reasonable? Not a chance. I think you know this is not going to happen.

The Muslim messiah is like the Christian one, only not as big.

The Muslims have balked at declaring the last messiah to be "Christ", recognizing that Christ himself never said he was returning, referring rather to the coming of the "Son of Man". Since "Son of Man" is an honorific title appearing in more than one place in the Bible, if follows that the coming Son of Man might not be exactly and precisely the same person as Jesus of Nazareth. Muslims have therefore exercised caution, giving the final deliverer a different name: "Mahdi" (the highlighted "h" is a soft gutteral sound, like the gentle clearing of the throat, not found in the English language).

The Mahdi, it is said, will first be seen in Damascus. This prophecy undoubtedly stemmed from Jewish apocalyptic literature; passages such as Amos 5:27 and I Kings 19:15, which suggested that the savior would first be seen in the "wilderness of Damascus". (We shall ignore, for the moment, the Dead Sea Scroll called "The Damascus Document", which raises a question as to whether Damascus, Syria is the "Damascus" in question).

Muslim tradition holds that the deliverer will fly -- under his own power -- and land on the roof of the Great Mosque of Damascus. Once again, what is claimed to happen next is not specified in scripture, but assumed by Muslims to be true. And what happens next is boringly predictable: The Mahdi will travel about in the world, ripping Jews and Christians (and others) apart limb-from-limb, until the streets of the cities of the world run red with the blood of all those who have opposed the glory of Islam.

I think you know this is not going to happen either.

The Jews, to distinguish themselves from the Christians and Muslims, propose that Messiah (in Hebrew, "Mashiah" with a hard gutteral "h"), is a man, not a God or flying spirit. That makes it easier to believe, does it not?

But wait a minute. The Jewish Mashiah is as rude and abusive as the Christian "Son of Man" and the Muslim "Mahdi", for when the "Mashiah" comes, he will avenge the centuries of anti-Semitic pogroms which have been perpetrated. The enemies of the Jewish people will be slaughtered in great numbers, until the streets of the cities of the world run red with the blood of the slain, whose purifying "atonement" will cleanse the world of the only true evil: anti-Semitism.

Then the Mashiah will crown himself emperor on the throne of David, and rule over a Jewish world, with everyone in black hats and robes, and all "foreign" forms of religious observance violently rooted out.

Likely? I think you know the answer.

All right, we know what a "messiah" isn't. Can we say what a "messiah" is?


The Deliverer, according to the Bible


Isaiah, Chapter 11, describes the Messiah. The complete text appears elsewhere in this web site (see Table of Contents, "Yeshua Messiah--Jesus Christ"). In brief, this chapter of the Book of Isaiah describes a world at peace with itself, through devotion to God. "The lion will lie down with the lamb", a slightly-erroneous but oft-used quote, pretty much describes it.

The word "messiah" does not appear in this text. The only place in the Bible where a deliverer is called "messiah" is Daniel 9, which describes the ministry of Jesus (Yeshua ben Yosef) in sufficient detail to make the identification certain. Therefore, the Biblical Messiah is he whose blood was shed, 2,000 years ago, for the remission of sins.

Isaiah 11 provides the only definition of the word "messiah" which is applicable to a deliverer of the whole world. It has never been disputed that when Yeshua (Jesus) spoke of the latter-day coming of the Son of Man, it was Isaiah's deliverer of whom he spoke.

Outside of the deliverer in Isaiah 11, there is no savior whose coming has been prophesied in any religion I know of. The deliverer of Isaiah 11 is the Mashiah, the Christ, the Mahdi, and the Buddha. There is no deliverer who only comes to one nation, and slays the rest.

As to the number of men, or, for that matter, women involved, no one has ever been sure. The Dead Sea Scrolls, for example, suggest that in the End Times there will be a King, a Priest, and a "Teacher of Righteousness", who will collectively rule over a saved world.

When will he (or she, or they) come? There's a Jewish teaching which states that if just once, every Jew in the world observed the Sabbath, the Messiah would appear instantly.

That sort of teaching -- namely that if just once, we all did the right thing at the right time, then the world would be saved -- is common to all religion, even if the thing we must do varies from faith-to-faith. From this we may deduce that we are not really waiting for God ... He is waiting for us. It's no big deal for Him to come, but He's not going to come where He is not wanted.


What Will Be the Religion of the End Times?


Although many consider this question to be un-answerable, the answer is, in fact, given in the Bible. In the book of Micah, it is said that...


"...in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established in the top of the mountains, ... and people shall flow unto it. And many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD,...all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of the LORD, our God, forever and ever."

Micah 4:1-5


His god? Not just "God", but his "god"? Hmmm...

This prophecy describes the future relationship between nations, when the current corrupt chapter of world history comes to a close: We will never all practice the same religion, but all nations will be drawn together by absolute faith in God; regardless of how they see Him, or of the form in which He has revealed Himself to them.

This is a wonderfully reassuring prophecy. Since I, for one, cannot imagine devout followers of different religions ever agreeing with each other, it is a source of great comfort to know that that will never be necessary. But it will surely be necessary that we all recognize the supremacy of God.

Then there was this saying of Yeshua (Jesus), spoken as he addressed his followers, having been informed that certain members of his family had arrived, and were waiting outside to see him. Motioning to those already assembled within, he said:

"...whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother. (Matthew 12:50)

So we've known all along that the "brotherhood of man" was not based upon race, creed, or religion, but upon obedience to God, who has, without a doubt, brought His message -- the same message -- to different nations in different ways. My, we're slow!


What can we do, to show God

that we are ready for a deliverer?


Good question. Salvation certainly can't be bought for money -- not any amount. Nor will it be found in a new church, or -- God forbid -- a new "law". The Law has already been given. There isn't going to be another one.

There are two things we can all do:

  1. We can worship God, without killing or hating, by learning how He appeared to other nations. Learning how God appeared to other nations is done through your own religion, not through theirs. This web site will show you how -- if you want to know.
  2. We can learn to live without money. Although few realize it, it is beyond doubt that when money is finally removed, we will become rich, not poor. The removal of money, and the enjoyment of the resulting wealth, are accomplished through the Golden Rule.

Can it be that simple? Is it really all about money? Don't we need to create an ideal society, perfect our justice system, feed the poor through advancement of agricultural science, and explore space to figure out exactly what happened at the "Big Bang"? Is it just about money?

The answer is: "Yes. It's just about money." Because that's the way it's been since the Beginning.

When Moses went up the mountain, he came down and found the children of Israel bowing in "reverence to" -- and behaving lewdly before -- a Golden Calf. Do you think that that's a coincidence? Or can you understand that it's been "Gold vs. God" from the very beginning?

Repeatedly, throughout the Torah, Moses warned the children of Israel that when they entered into the Promised Land, and became prosperous, they would turn against the LORD. It would be "Prosperity vs. God". Yes, it is indeed "all about the money".

Yeshua (Jesus) said: No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (Matthew 6:24). It's all about the money.

Again, Yeshua said: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God (Matthew 19:23). It's all about the money.

His final word on the subject: If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. (Matthew 19:21). How many people do you know who have done that? Can you therefore tell the truth now, and admit that it is indeed -- and has been all along -- "Money vs. God"?

The Golden Rule has also been preached all along. Whoever said it -- whether in the East or in the West -- invariably cited it as the Supreme Rule, embodying all the others, and standing above them all. But what does it mean? I heard "do unto others as you would have others do unto you" when I was a child. I had no idea what it meant. What's a man to do? Stop walking after each footstep, to consider whether or not anything he did during that step was what he would have others "do unto him"? You'll never get across the street if you do that! But what else might it mean? It's never explained!

God, in His infinite mercy, has shown us what it means. It's all about the money. And here's a preview: Money is the enemy of the Golden Rule. Its purpose it to "do unto others as you hope and pray they shall never succeed in doing to you!" On Wall Street, they even have their own twisted, sick version of a "golden rule", which reads: "He who has the Gold, makes the Rules". Ha ha. Unless you take action -- soon -- this joke will turn very, very sour. Believe me, it's all about the money.

So in the Messianic Age you will live without money, because God will not share his Kingdom with your Golden Calf. I said that after you eliminated money, you would be rich, not poor. I said it and I meant it. The "purpose" of the false king of lying commodities, called "money", is to oppress and destroy, not to elevate and enrich. The thing standing between you and prosperity is money itself.

So now, 6,000 years after the beginning of Biblical history, what do we see? Has mankind moved farther and farther away from fraud and illusion, toward the establishment of a God-like kingdom on earth? Far from it! In fact, it's the other way around. At the dawn of the new millennium, mankind has done what it always does: proposed the establishment of a government -- this time a world government -- based upon the greatly expanded practices of greed, hatred and violence. Many refer to this as "The New World Order". But what it is, is simply a world Banking Dictatorship. Since its grasping tentacles will reach to the farthest-flung corners of the globe -- from East to West, and from the North Pole to the South, and to the smallest island in the Pacific Ocean -- there will be no escape.

If you permit the erection of this -- the greatest Golden Calf ever imagined by the minds of corrupt men -- you will condemn yourself to perpetual enslavement. You will be in Hell; a Hell from which there will be no return for as far ahead as the eye can see. What will you do? Flee? Where to? Mars?

You should therefore consider the matter carefully, and make your decision. The time is short. As we enter into the new millennium, the doors of freedom are scheduled to begin to be shut in the immediate future. They will be shut "with prejudice", and with finality. If you decide to "act" later, you will be ruthlessly exterminated, as were the Children of Israel in the hill-country of the Amorites (Numbers 14:40 ff.).