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About the Book & Author
Ken Biegeleisen, M.D., Ph.D.
Whoever You Thought You Were... You're A Jew! has been called the "Star of Hope for all Humankind". Although the first edition, written in 1994, attracted little notice in the English-speaking world, it caught the attention of Nobel Prize Nominee Dr. Prof. Hisatoki Komaki, founder of the Komaki Peace Foundation in Tokyo. This latter organization boasts 80 Nobel Prize laureates as members.

Prof. Komaki read the 519-page first edition (the current edition is the third) in one night, and immediately offered Dr. Biegeleisen the position of American representative for the Foundation; a position formerly occupied by the late double-Nobel Prize laureate Linus Pauling. He also incorporated Dr. Biegeleisen into his "Four Steps To Absolute Peace" notices which he placed into the New York Times Book Review and elsewhere.

Next, Prof. Komaki called upon the services of his colleague and distinguished linguist, Prof. Junichi Nakayama, to translate the book into Japanese. This was a labor of love, for which Nakayama received no financial remuneration.

Prof. Nakayama passed away only a few weeks after completing the translation. Upon his death, he was granted a posthumous award by Japan's Emperor Akahito for his lifetime scholarly achievements, of which this translation was one of the last.

Prof. Komaki used Dr. Biegeleisen's book, in Japanese translation, as a text in his post-graduate courses in subjects relating to world peace. It was one of his Komaki Peace Foundation members, Prof. Toru Matsufuji, who wrote that the teachings of that first edition were the "Star of Hope for all Humankind"

Whoever You Thought You Were... You're A Jew! has also achieved strong support from the African-American community. Dr. Biegeleisen's contribution to racial harmony was first recognized by the famous black writer Rudolph Windsor. Mr. Windsor was the author of the book "From Babylon To Timbuktu", which teaches, in a concise, entertaining but scholarly way, the history of the great black empires of medieval Spain and Africa. This work is found in virtually every bookstore which caters to black readers. Although Mr. Windsor is primarily a publisher and distributor of his own books, he added, some years ago, a video version of Whoever..., to his catalogue of published works.

One of the people who learned of Dr. Biegeleisen's work through Rudolph Windsor's catalogue was the Rev. Yasin A. Latif of the Eastern New York Correctional Facility in Napanoch, New York, a maximum security prison. Dr. Biegeleisen was invited to serve as minister of the Temple of Israel Ministry there. This was a black prison ministry, but Dr. Biegeleisen is a white Jew! This rather extraordinary invitation underscores the depth of affection of the black community for this book.

Dr. Biegeleisen, has achieved distinction in several fields besides religion, including medicine, molecular biology and music.

In medicine he is known as a practitioner of Phlebology, the art and science of treating diseases of the veins. His family has occupied a prominent position in this field for nearly a century. In his youth, he had no attraction to medicine other than family pressure, and he entered the field with great reluctance. He nevertheless managed to achieve significant advances. He organized the nation's Phlebologists into a medical society, which has now evolved into the American College of Phlebology, the primary certifying board for venous diseases. He also pioneered the treatment of vein diseases by fiberoptic catheter-based instruments, now considered the treatment of choice, and used in virtually every hospital in the United States.

Dr. Biegeleisen attended Cornell University and the New York University School of Medicine, where he graduated from the MD-PhD program in 1978. His PhD is in Molecular Biology, and he has been involved in DNA research for many decades. His recent publication of the structure of the Protamine-DNA complex has proven that the world-famous DNA "double helix" 1 is not necessarily the structure of DNA in all living systems. In fact, it may turn out that most DNA inside cells has a non-helical structure.

In addition to having written several other books, and quite a bit of music in various styles, Dr. Biegeleisen has served as a Baal Koree (Torah reader) in synagogues for many years, and has become proficient in reading all three extant Semitic languages: Hebrew, Arabic and Amharic (the language of Ethiopia). He is thus able to read the Bible and Qur'an in the original tongues, freeing himself from the occasionally misleading antics of translators.

  1. Biegeleisen, K. The probable structure of the protamine-DNA complex. Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 241, August 7, 2006, pp. 533-540.